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Guest attends 'horrible' $100,000 wedding, drunk bridesmaids scream at jealous bride.

Guest attends 'horrible' $100,000 wedding, drunk bridesmaids scream at jealous bride.


Attending a fancy wedding is usually a luxurious and decadent experience to remember...

Tiny, ornate appetizers served on candlelit trays, stunning floral arrangements, monogrammed napkins and a sprawling, picturesque backdrop--an expensive wedding is worth finagling yourself into a plus-one invite. So, when a frustrated wedding guest decided to vent to the gloriously petty and judgmental Reddit Group, 'Wedding Shaming,' about a disappointing wedding with a hefty price tag, people were eager to pile on.

$100,000 wedding? Nah, more like a high school disco...

When you attend a wedding costing upwards of $100,000, you anticipate a truly beautiful, memorable experience filled with beauty, love, and happiness.

This was not it.

First of all, the Bachelorette party was designed to be a week long festival (essentially), in a more expensive city, hiring a yacht for multiple days, strippers etc - and we were all meant to pay towards the bride’s stay too, mind you our own personal contribution (each!) was $4,000. I did not attend.

Onto the actual wedding event:

Wedding Eve:

The bridal party got incredibly drunk in their hotel, creating an absolute scene with women crying, screaming, and to top it off, one of the bridesmaids was so intoxicated she could barely walk during the ceremony, and could not remember a thing from the night before.


Father of the Groom begins his speech with “I’ve never seen the love between them before. I saw it tonight” (they’ve been together for 8 years, and have a child together).

Groom's speech: he accidentally misremembered the color of the dress the Bride wore on their first date, this led to her screaming at him that he was thinking about another woman on their wedding day and storming off in tears.

After the above; the bridesmaids attempted to “console” the bride, by screaming at her that she’s a “f**king idiot. He just misspoke. You’re acting like a f**king c*nt and ruining your wedding. Every single guest heard this.

Initial photos: groom tried to do the dip, due to how drunk they were, he almost dropped her on her head and him on top of her. Luckily he stumbled to the point of catching.

Bridesmaid (who couldn’t walk/remember) got so heavily intoxicated again, that she had to not only be carried to her room, but she pissed the bed.

Bridesmaid cried at an old friend because she felt “guilty” about not visiting her, for about an hour.

Morning after: all the bridal party including bride and groom were just in recovery and couldn’t attend the breakfast they planned, nor the yacht tour.

Safe to say, being the sober attendee makes for great stories, but what an absolute horrible experience. The only part I enjoyed was staying on the island the week prior and spending time by myself on vacation.

Yes, this wedding does seem messy for both the guests and the couple getting married, but hear me out, isn't it a little bit hilarious?

Sure, you might've missed out on truffle cheese served inside a pumpkin or a signature cocktail made with whiskey older than your grandfather, but you did get to see drunk bridesmaids have a meltdown, right? Did nobody want to take advantage of the yacht trip that everyone canceled? Surely at least one person wasn't suffering a crippling hangover.

Of course, the jury of internet strangers was eager to chime in. Here's what people had to say...

chefboyardeejr said:

Don't fret, I'm sure the divorce party will be just as fun. Anyone who spends that much on a wedding just to sh*t all over the experience is likely doomed to fail

effinnxrighttt said:

God I love this sh*t lol. These are the stories we will all be telling for years to come. My family still tells the story of my cousin getting drunk and falling into a ditch during my uncle’s graduation party. It was 25 years ago

messymangoose said:

This would be a fun wedding to attend so long as you’re not family or part of the wedding party. Just to watch the trainwreck.

emr830 said:

Goes to show you that money doesn't buy class.

So, there you have it!

Everyone agreed unanimously here that this wedding sounds like a special sort of nightmare and it should be a lesson to everyone that the more money you spend on your wedding doesn't always equal the more fun. Good luck, everyone!

Sources: Reddit
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