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13 of the biggest wedding 'zillas' of all time.

13 of the biggest wedding 'zillas' of all time.


We all love some good wedding shaming, and these do not disappoint. We have every kind of 'zilla imaginable. Take a read and start planning to elope. It's not worth it if this is what getting married looks like.

1. 'Volunteers.'

2. Always good to get the courts involved.

3. With friends like these...

4. Dad can't make the rehearsal dinner...

5. Maid of honor...

6. The audacity of wanting these people to eat...

7. Don't come if you're not wearing a shade of taupe.

8. Great sense of humor or terrible way to start a marriage?

9. Tacky or smart?

10. Sending out wedding un-invitations.

11. OMG, grey!

12. FAQ: Are we tacky and insane? Yes.

13. Uncle should have planned this better.

Have you been involed in anything like this? Let us know your wedding shaming story!

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