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Ungrateful 'brat' bride's bachelorette party ditches her in the middle of the night.

Ungrateful 'brat' bride's bachelorette party ditches her in the middle of the night.


We've heard of bridezillas, groomzillas, entitled maid-of-honors, and Mother-in-laws on a mission to wear white, but what about a vanishing bachelorette party?

There's no better place to plan an escape than a hot tub after the bratty baby bride is put down like a toddler after a tantrum. So, when a Reddit user decided to vent to the internet's gloriously petty and judgmental group, 'Wedding Shaming,' about their cousin's horrific experience at a bachelorette party, people were ready to hear the gossip.

The one where the Bride was such a brat her friends left during her bachelorette weekend...

So my friend’s cousin got married about 3 years ago and I remember that her bachelorette party was a total sh*tshow. I wasn’t invited but my friend spilled all the tea to me.

The bride wanted to go away for her bachelorette party and wanted a whole weekend thing, so her bridesmaids complied but predictably, very few people were able to make it. So it ended up being the Bride, her cousin and 6 of her bridesmaids/close friends.

To me that sounds like a lovely time but the bride was not impressed. On the first evening there she got super drunk which is fine but then she kept crying and shouting about how no one came, making a huge fuss.

Don't gets worse...

These ladies all pitched in their hard earned cash to organize this lovely weekend for her, and it did sound lovely, there was a pool and Jacuzzi. They had catering for the first evening and had planned for the Bride to open up all the lingerie they had gotten her. She refused and threw the gifts on the ground and was incredibly rude saying things like 'no one she cares about is even here' and how terrible everything is.

So her cousin put her to bed and the rest of the girls actually ended up having a pretty nice time in the Jacuzzi, however they must have decided they weren’t willing to put up with this sh*t anymore because the next morning when the cousin and bride who were sharing a room woke up, the girls had packed their stuff and gone home.

Of course, the jury of wedding shamers was eager to pile on. Here's what people had to say about this mess...

maimou1 said:

Good for them. Don't reinforce sh*tty behavior by fawning over her and frantically trying to please her.

that_was_way_harsh said:

How is seven people “no one?' Hope the six who left dropped out of any wedding party duties and left her awkwardly asking coworkers to be bridesmaids because I’m sure she cared more about having matching numbers than honoring friendships.

[deleted] said:

I would have loved to see the expression on the bridezilla's face the next morning. Whining about how only 7 people turned up at your party?

DumbleForeSkin said:

First rule of hosting, never worry about who isn't there, make it great for the people who did show up.

RachelNorth said:

What an as*hole. I’ve never liked the expensive bachelorette weekends where you have to travel 3 hours each way and pay hundreds of dollars to throw down on an Airbnb. I’ve done it once and never want to do it again.

So, there you have it!

Everyone agreed unanimously here that this bratty bride was a classic 'Zilla who can't appreciate that getting six adults to drop everything to celebrate you is a feat that deserves nothing but gratitude. Why spent the trip complaining that some people couldn't make it instead of partying with the ones who could? It's harsh, but she deserved to be abandoned...

Sources: Reddit
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