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Wedding DJ halts reception to drop his 'debut single.'

Wedding DJ halts reception to drop his 'debut single.'


Picture this: It's your wedding, you're finally dancing with your forever person.

You're looking into eachother's eyes, unable to comprehend how you could ever be so lucky. You're surrounded by your loving friends and family. They are all looking on with swelling pride and joy in their hearts, seeing two people they love on the happiest day of their lives. Then, the record scratches and the DJ makes an announcement.

Wedding DJ debuted his own single last night


Nothing out of the ordinary from the wedding we attended as guests last night except for when everyone was dancing and the DJ stopped the mainstream popular songs playing for his world debut single.

It was god awful, completely changed the tone of flow for the people who were dancing and we had to listen to it for close to four minutes.

I’m pretty sure the DJ saw the visible reaction the crowd had as he went right into playing pit bull once his trash song finished.

Needless to say, we would have been super pissed off if our DJ did this at our wedding.

This short but humorous story got some very fun responses:


I kinda feel bad for him tbh. Imagine everyone hating your song? What’s that word for feeling embarrassment on behalf of someone else? That’s what I have.


Can you PLEASE give us the best possible description of his song? Were there any especially notably terrible lyrics, etc?


“You don’t know how much I need you. When you’re near me I don’t feel blue. And when we kiss, I know you need me too. I can’t believe I found a love so pure and true. BUT IT ALL WAS BULLSH*T IT WAS A GODDAMN JOKE AND WHEN I THINK OF YOU LINDA I HOPE YOU F*CKING CHOKE”


OMG did the DJ announce it as the world debut of his single? 🫣

The OP dropped back in to assure us that this was, in fact, the best:


Yup but also made sure to “dedicate it” to the bride and groom.


Awful for the bride and groom! Also sounds like something you would see in a movie, that situation is comedy gold. In reality it would give me terrible second hand embarrassment…


What did he think would happen? Even if his song was sort of good it's not like people take kindly to this sort of thing. He absolutely deserved the negative reaction imo


Wow it must be bad if Pitbull was an improvement.


This sounds just like someone I know who transitioned into a wedding DJ. Used to be a rapper now he makes electronic music. AND he just recently dropped two singles. And did a wedding. Lol. Could it be?

Do you have an insane wedding story that can top this one?

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