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Wedding guest shames fellow guest for eating off of a decorative plate at the buffet.

Wedding guest shames fellow guest for eating off of a decorative plate at the buffet.


While there's usually always a story about one stray and unruly wedding guest overdoing it on the open bar,

So, when a conflicted wedding guest decided to consult the saltiest wedding-related group on the internet otherwise known as Reddit's 'Wedding Shaming' about buffet behavior, people were scandalized and unable to recover.

Rude guest with zero manners eats off decor...

So I went to a wedding a few weeks ago and it was really beautiful. It was a younger couple and they were on a budget but they really did a wonderful job with everything and it was a great evening.

It was a more formal event, with attire being requested as cocktail and the event being held at a nice local venue. Everyone was nicely dressed and the wedding matched the formality request. I admit, I haven’t been to a lot of weddings, but there’s some basic social etiquette and actual wedding etiquette that even I know to follow.

The couple had a buffet, and at each table we had a plate on a charger plate. It was obvious after the wedding party went up that we were to take our plates up when we went to go get food.

Now, the plates were a little small but they weren’t dessert plates by any means and there was more than enough food for everyone so we were free to get seconds.

So as I’m walking up to the buffet line, I overhear a woman loudly complaining that the plates were too small. She then picks up the plastic gold charger plate and gets in line.

Someone else at her table tries to tell her that’s the wrong plate, and she continues to tell them how she doesn’t care and she shouldn’t be expected to eat off such a tiny plate.

So I get my food, and as I’m walking back to my table I see this woman hunched over her plastic charger plate that’s filled to the brim with food, eating with her hands. It made me unreasonably angry to see.

First of all, those are literally DECOR that the couple probably rented and would have to return. Second, those plates are NOT food grade. Most of those decorative plates are just spray painted plastic.

Most of all, it just made me angry because I think about this couple who put so much time and money and effort into making this a nice event for their friends and family, and this person can’t even have basic table manners?

Do whatever you want in your own home lady, but at least show some respect to those around you and the couple who paid to have a spot for you at their wedding.

Anyways, some might not see this as a huge deal but I just found it so incredibly disrespectful that it’s still on my mind a few weeks later.

Of course, the jury of internet strangers are well-versed in the codes of wedding etiquette. Here's what people had to say about this buffet disgrace...

montanagrizfan said:

Some people are so gross around food. Any normal person would be mortified to be the focus of other’s gossip, then you get the ones who would shove granny with a walker aside to get a slice of roast beef. If you want to see more of these people in the wild just go on a cruise. It’s disgusting.

wisetiger59 said:

I guarantee you that there are a lot of others that will be talking about that woman for years to come. What terrible behavior!! I've done many an event setup and in most cases, no, those plastic chargers are not washed after every use.

They can't go through a dishwasher, they have to be hand washed because they chip incredibly easy - no one is hand washing plastic chargers. They're decor for a reason, they'll get a wipe with a wet rag and after they dry they're stored away for next time. So ew to eating off one. And yes if they're metallic the finish chips off easily so she probably ingested some gold flake with her meal.

Lynncy1 said:

I went to a wedding a few years ago where a guest at my table piled a plate up high with buffet food, put another plate over it like a lid, and then left the venue with it. This was actual dinnerware and not disposable plates. Shameless!

Lofty_quackers said:

I honestly would have have watched to see if any of the food had gold residue on it. Lol

Note to everyone heading into wedding season...if the plates are too small then you can simply make a second trip to serve yourself a bit more food. Did this woman thing the flower vases were champagne flutes as well? Good luck, everyone!

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