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17 people share the weirdest rule they had to follow as a guest in someone's house.

17 people share the weirdest rule they had to follow as a guest in someone's house.


'Take your shoes off before stepping on the white rug in the living room' is expected when you visit someone's home, but what about 'no singing allowed in the shower after noon' or 'no forks on the porch?'

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What is the weirdest rule you had to follow while a guest at someone's house?' people were ready share the most bizarre and strict household requirements they ever witnessed as a guest.


No farting, she thought it was a disgusting act. I remember once I snuck a fart whilst at his home, his mum asked who had done it, I categorically denied it and she marched him to the toilet and told him not to come out until he had shit... I still feel guilty about that. - hunterfam55


We couldn't talk about feces in their home. Everything else like sex, semen, whatever was fine, but poop is not. - HealinVision


My Aunt has a rule that we could only take baths, no showers, and no more than two inches of water in the tub. My cousin and I had to bathe together until finally my parents intervened when I was 10 and offered to give them $ so I could enjoy my two inches of water alone. I get being frugal, but geez! I hated staying there. - NorthpawsAreRight


Visited a friend from a different state whose parents were apparently very wealthy. They had a 2nd living room fully equipped with nice furniture. Couldn’t sit on the couch. - ultimatedisaster


I went to a birthday party for Jesus at a friend’s house one Christmas, complete with a cake that said, “Happy Birthday, Jesus!” We watched very religious Christmas movies and went caroling in our pajamas. It was very fun, but I can only imagine what every other Christian holiday was like in their house. - vietnam_da_licious


One of my friends has a strict rule of banning the viewing of all Pirates of the Caribbean films when alcohol is being consumed. - dinosaregaylikeme


My best friend's mom had a rule that we were not allowed to talk about Fantasy writing. Because she was worried that my friend would become interested in the occult and 'fall away'. Which happened anyways because by neurotically forbidding the thing Sandra became interested in that thing. - [deleted]


5 minutes showers. Seriously, stayed at the house of a family friend when I was going cross country after college and the dad had installed a shower head that had a timer. Once you started it you got 5 minutes of water. New, I’m all about being frugal, but the financial consequences of an extra 5 minutes of water are not extreme. - PolybiusChampion


My grandpa has never let anyone say the words “butt” or “bum” or even “tuchus” in his home. They were too crass for his delicate ears. If you absolutely had to refer to the bubbly region on the bottom of your back, you had to call it your “seater” or face the consequences. It made my 6 year old self giggle like an idiot when I overheard my mom talking about cedar wood. - [deleted]


My aunt had decorative hand towels in the bathroom arranged in a way to make make Martha Stewart jealous. After washing my hands I tried to use them and got stabbed by pins.

She booby trapped them so nobody would ever attempt to use them twice and mess up her towels. I have no idea how they dried their hands. - DarrenEdwards


I had a friend in high school whose parents had an all-white living room that they kept immaculately clean. They even kept plastic covers over the couch and chairs as if it were 1960.

Anyway, their stairs were literally two steps from the entry hall but those two steps were through the living room which nobody was allowed to walk in except my friend's parents and their adult guests.

So to get upstairs to her room we had to circle through her entire house to come around to the stairs from the other side. Her stepdad was a violent man so they were all too afraid to dare challenge the rule.

It wasn't terribly inconvenient but it was weird, especially when her mom was watching TV and we had to walk past her and that meant we had to stop for an awkward chat. Really that was the worst of it. - DeniseDeNephew


We had to pray the Rosary at 3:00, no matter what...anyone who is Catholic can tell you how much time that takes up. Bonus points if you had to do it and aren't even Catholic... - itsjustmeouthere


When I was about 10, I ate dinner at a friend's house. She gulped her milk at the table. As a punishment, she had to finish her dinner in the bathtub. I was left alone at the dinner table with her parents scared to take a sip of my drink. So the rule was, no gulping milk. She had a ton of horrible rules. I didn't go over there often. - melonhanger


We were maybe 7 or 8 and not allowed to talk about the Disney show “That’s so Raven” because “psychics are on the same side as the devil.' We still watched it because my friend had leukemia and we only had access to so many box sets of 7th heaven.

That’s so Raven was our favorite “guilty pleasure” until we discovered VH1 and “Flavor of Love” and other devilish shows. We got reeeeeally good at changing channels before her mom came in. - Lyndsayrae22


No beverages with or before dinner. Everyone had to have cleared their plates before any beverage was served. Salty dry food served with no water is bloody torture when you are a kid. - ZaMiLoD


Wasn't allowed to eat condiments at said friend's house. At all. His mom said the smell of any sauce or dressing made her gag, so that meant everyone is eating dry a*s chicken sandwiches, and sh*tty bowls of leaves for dinner.

Even in car rides when stopping for fast food, they would just order whatever you asked for 'dry,' and then ask you for your money to cover your now garbage food. - IronicNihilist


I went round my new friends house for dinner one night and then the plan was to go and see Return of the King at the cinema. Ate food, chatting to him and his family, everything was normal.

Then the time came to go to the cinema. And his family said to me “would you mind taking Gandalf?”

“..... uhh what?”

Turns out they had a 6 foot cardboard cut out of Gandalf upstairs and they had taken him to the first two LOTR movies and it had become a tradition. So I go upstairs, find the massive cardboard cutout, struggle to drag him down the stairs, at this point the family are in the car waiting for me.

I mutter to myself thinking how the hell is this gonna fit in the car. I drag Gandalf to the car and open the door and they’re all laughing their as*es off at me. There was no tradition. They were just teasing me. - radioactive_koala

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