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16 bartenders reveal the 1 drink they hate making over all others.

16 bartenders reveal the 1 drink they hate making over all others.


Bartending might look like a laid-back, fun and exciting gig to customers who are comfortably seated and sipping, but standing for 12 hour shifts while drunk people scream your name to shake them up sticky cocktails to fuel their bad decisions can be a tough grind...

So, when a Reddit user asked bartenders and mixologists everywhere, 'what is the one drink you despise serving above all others?' they were ready to vent. You're on thin ice, espresso martinis and mojitos. What ever happened to beer and a shot specials?


The unidentified 'girl drink'.

'Umm... I want something fruity that's strong, but I don't want to be able to taste the alcohol'

Enjoy your malibu and pinapple. - k3mck


Making anything with a blender. They cost the same as most mixed drinks that can be made in 30 seconds several at a time. The blander is loud and annoying to all, it's tough to get the proportions exactly right, the blender has to be cleaned constantly, and the people who order them are usually poor customers who can't drink. As for drunkenness-inducing drinks, I once made Skittles vodka. NEVER AGAIN. Rainbow colored puke everywhere. - zzy335


'Give me the strongest drink you have!'

Sorry I don't have time to measure the alcohol % of the 100's of drinks we have

....whiskey and tapwater for you buddy - [deleted]


When someone gives a very long list of alcohol and exact measurements to their personal drink. No one working a bar has time to make this thing perfectly - ifaptotheexercist


Long island iced tea - DethBreth


Not a bartender, but a cocktail waitress at casino (lots of old people). I HATE when people order coffee like an idiot. Often times it plays out like this. Me: Drinks, Beverages Customer: Miss... Miss!! Are you taking orders? Me: Yes, what can I get for you? Customer: Coffee!

They turn back around to their machine Me: Blank stare Black Coffee? Customer: NO! Regular!! Me: Regular is NOT Decaf, what would you like in it? Customer: Regular, you know with skim and 2 splenda?!

Really? Really!?? Every thinks regular is how they like it. Please tell me cream & sugar, milk & sugar, etc. I want to beat you in the face. Thanks. - Purpl3Bac0n


I used to work at a hotel where we made 'Avocado Margatinis.' It's a frozen drink made with avocado and tequila served in a martini glass. Had to hand make it every time it was ordered. - Personsanon


Bud light- used to work at a college bar and this was about 90% of the orders. Really only annoying when guys would ask me to list all the beers on tap (we had 10 taps- usually half would be the domestic staples and the other half would be interesting 'new' beers). Then after listing all of them the guy would ponder for a moment then order a bud light. - ubiquitous_usurper


Nothing NOTHING is worse than Ramos Fizz - only grouchy rich old people order them, never are satisfied with how they are made and who the f*ck orders a drink with orange flower water, egg white and cream ?!?!?! - radii314


A guy I was bartending with one night got fired for refusing to make an Alabama Slammer for a customer because 'it has too many ingredients.' And what was he busy doing that couldn't be interrupted to make a drink for a customer? Texting. He was texting. - thanks_for_breakfast


Layered shots. At 1am on a Friday night when we're 3 deep at the bar. - JakeAduro


Anything blended. It's like an STD in a high school, one person gets one and then everybody else follows. - profssor


Red headed sluts. I have red hair and every time a man uses it he is usually extremely creepy and thinks he is the most clever man alive. - blythee


I know a lot of bartenders that hate making long islands or bloody marys, but I honestly don't mind. I feel like it is my job to make drinks, and a drink having four or more ingredients doesn't make it less my job. We do tend to keep an eye on people drinking long islands though, because we've found that (in our bar, at least) generally it is someone who is freshly 21 or an alcoholic trying to get the most bang for their buck, customers that tend to be more problematic than the average joe.

My bar does not have a blender, thank goodness. As stated in other replies here I dislike when people give weird names to common drinks, or when they think that drink that some bartender from-where-ever-the-f*ck-they-are-from made up should be world famous to all other bartenders. I did have two guys come in once who spent the night looking up obscure mixed drinks on their phones for me to make.

I appreciated their willingness to branch out, but it was mildly annoying and time consuming. The worst was when a group of about nine college students came in one night and wanted to do round after round of shots, but each shot was a specialty shot that required extra work. Nothing that I mind making, but round after round of one lunchbox, one lemon drop, one red-headed slut and so on and so forth on a busy Saturday night... - jeans-hoodie-bacon


Mojitos. Fantastic drink, and I love making them for myself and friends, but I'm too much of a perfectionist to have to make them en masse. I've also met very few bartenders who can make one worth a damn, one place even skipped the mint and used mint-flavored vodka! Savages. - [deleted]


The only thing I hated was when someone gave me their f*cked up name for something as if that is what it's called everywhere.

Customer: Give me a Minty Marilyn with a bang of Gingy.

Me: What?

Customer: Gin and Tonic with a lime - [deleted]

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