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19 bored employees share the most 'exciting' thing happening at the office right now.

19 bored employees share the most 'exciting' thing happening at the office right now.


Working in an office can be a brutal and mundane grind of seemingly pointless meetings, weirdly specific rules, and surprising friendships or feuds between coworkers...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'Office workers, what was the most 'exciting' thing that happened at work today?' employees everywhere were ready to share the current gossip in the break room. Yes, everyone knows that Linda from accounting is sleeping with the security guard.


Somebody ordered lunch for a few of us which we received within the hour. 3 hours later, the same order arrived with no explanation. - PhunghisKhan


My coworker gave me half of his breakfast burrito and a new issue of InStyle magazine arrived for me. - heatherriffic


They FINALLY refilled the auto soap dispenser on the far right sink in the men's room. It's been 6 weeks. - PlatypsPlatyps


There was a raccoon in the dumpster outside for the 2nd time and my coworker damn near sh*t his pants when he opened the lid and it was just sitting in there eating garbage.- ubspirit


I checked my lunch delivery status which said the driver was expected at the exact same time I was checking. Went downstairs and the food was already there. Got back upstairs, logged back in just in time for the notification to arrive saying 'Your food is here!' Yeah, it's been really slow today.- SpottyNoonerism


Our fruit basket was delivered. Myself and my colleague (who sits across the desk from me) saw the email from HR. Both of us stood at the same time, glanced at each other and practically f*cking marched it down to the staff room before anyone else.

We never, ever get there in time to grab a mandarin, so today we loaded up. We each have two extra mandarins in our desk drawers. We both had one today and that means an extra one for tomorrow AND one for Friday. ENJOY YOUR UNRIPE F*CKING PEARS JANET! WE WIN THIS WEEK, B*TCH!!!- redditalien19877886


We have this messy spreadsheet used as a stock check for a client... I revamped that bad boy and gave it a sleek new design, added in some categories, did a bit of conditional formatting so the number and the item name will turn different colors if the stock reaches 0 or under. Really proud of it. I was so excited to show my colleague and she said she loved it. I live a simple life. - bottledfriends


It was Popcorn Wednesday, which is exactly what it sounds like: they set up a popcorn machine in the breakroom and everybody can get free popcorn to take back at to their desks. It's normally the day everyone looks forward to, except today they got a new shaker for the popcorn salt with much wider holes, so it comes out a LOT faster than everyone was used to.

The end result was that EVERYONE was walking around with over-salted popcorn and not enough water in a standard water bottle to wash it all down. There's a lot of grumbling and we're all trying to see who we need to talk to in order to get the old popcorn salt shaker back.

Morale is pretty low because of the whole thing, and there's going to be one hell of a confrontation, probably, at some point. It's bubbling under the surface.

After working in manufacturing, child care, education and then running around the state doing on-site hardware support, having a boring, 9-5 office job a really nice change of pace that I'm enjoying.

I'm sure at some point the grass won't look as green anymore, but for now I'm really enjoying the inanity that I can just leave behind at the end of the day when I get to the actual interesting parts of my life. - Batduck


I opened a starburst 2 pack and got 2 pink ones! - WhompO


I discovered that an employee with access to a company credit card has been buying things from one of our suppliers with the credit card (normal) and then returning them and demanding checks written to himself and pocketing the cash (abnormal).

We're one of their bigger customers and he does all the ordering with them, so they've just been going along with him to avoid losing our business. Waiting for the owner to come in tomorrow to discuss how to handle it. - Big_Tuna78


Went to make coffee and there was already a fresh pot made - bcreddit115


We had a LOT of fruit delivered today. Someone accidentally ordered twice our normal amount. Sarah is bringing in banana bread for us all tomorrow. - hugoreyes2016


I got a mint stuck on my uvula for about 2 seconds and I almost died. - MePirate


Somebody heated up some soup and it smelled kinda good. - MG_72


I misstepped while going down the stairs and my life flashed before my eyes - XCard


Our director announced he'd be gone for about 2 weeks, which means nothing will get done for 13 days - [deleted]


We have these little cotton snowballs we throw at each other. Someone had the great idea to tape portraits to them. Currently we have a Rick Astley snowball, a Tonya Hardring snowball, and a Tiny Hands Trump snowball. They all went missing for a week, but today one made a reappearance, someone threw the Tiny Hands Trump snowball at me and I now have it in my cubicle.- Copious-GTea


I took a sip of water and sneezed the mouthful on my boss.- [deleted]


I was on a temporary contract for 6 months with my current company, and they offered me a permanent position with a promotion, and a significant raise. Today was a good day. - BlueeDream

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