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18 employees share the main thing that their job completely ruined for them.

18 employees share the main thing that their job completely ruined for them.


Working in customer service can convince anyone to become a grumpy off-the-grid hermit, sitting at a computer all day can make you fantasize about running multiple marathons, and working at at a coffee shop will force you into a strict black coffee-only lifestyle...

No more no foam extra whip sugar free 16 pumps of caramel lattes while getting yelled at by an impatient Karen...the hustle of the 40-hour work week gives even the friendliest people among us a bit of an edge. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What has your job ruined for you?' employees everywhere were ready to complain about the defeat of their daily grind. R.I.P., Happy Hour, 'Secret Santa,' and 'hopping on quick calls.'


I work in morning radio. Have been here for 5+ years. Nothing makes me laugh anymore. I miss just mindlessly watching tv, but now it just makes me mad that it's not better. And I never want to hear any Led Zeppelin song again. - linearburrito


Coffee and donuts. I work at a Tim Horton's. - 1800HEYGTFO


Librarian here, can't look at a list without feeling I'm going to throw up. Inventorying sucks. - E-Aids


It's ruined my want to interact with others. I basically spend all my free time withdrawn now, and it's killed all my passion for anything I used to love. I have no desire to do anything for anyone anymore. After this place goes out of business, I don't think I'll ever be able to work a job around people. - stimbus


Restaurants. I work in beverage distribution and I now had the full experience of being in the kitchens and seeing how disgusting some of them can really be. I'm not saying I won't ever eat at some large chain places, but most of the, absolutely terrible. - fubar247


Cake. There's too much free cake in catering. - sweet_static


College students. When I was in college, I used to get so irritated by how my professors and TAs treated us like adversaries or idiots (or some combination of the two) by default. I figured when I had the opportunity to teach, I'd be so much cooler than them.

Now I know the terrible truth: college students are (on average) incomprehensibly terrible, and my teachers were demonstrating a remarkable sort of patience that I now recognize all too well. - ineffectiveprocedure


I work at a pizza place. I can't stand anything but extremely fresh pizza when I'm really hungry. The rest of it is just bad. RIP leftover pizza - [deleted]


I'm sitting for 8 hours a day (and that's not counting my commute to and from work). When I leave work, all I want to do is go to Target or Walmart and just walk around. - [deleted]


I work in the gambling industry. F*ck gambling. - eastlondonmandem


Respect for people. I work as a cashier at a grocery store, and it amazes me that people can get so pissed off over the smallest things and take it out on us. I'm happy for a customer to have a go at me, I've had 7 years to deal with it. But don't come in and make a 16-year-old girl cry because she forgot to give you 10c change. D*ck. - [deleted]


I'm a hairstylist. I have to mirror every client I have, and find something to talk about with all of them for 10 hours a day. When I get off work, I talk to NO ONE. - [deleted]


I used to work in a Key West themed restaurant. I may kill Jimmy Buffet if I ever meet him. - WHO_R_U_PPL


Milk. I cleaned milk trucks as a kid. There was always some spillage and it would curdle. Have not drank a glass in over 30 years. - TDHlawyer


Programming. I used to enjoy it as a hobby! - RiotousHades


People in general seem to act very entitled - goes with the 'customer is always right' attitude. Before I even meet someone, I feel like they will automatically assume they are better than me. - uglyfishes


Perception of humanity. I'm a waiter and the sh*t that people say and do to complete strangers continues to blow my mind everyday. - FartWeasel


People. I work in an office, and you'd think I'd feel something in common with at least one of them ... but, seriously, I don't. I have lots of friends outside the office. I'm married, etc. It's not even that I HATE my coworkers, it's just that, if they all stayed home next week, I wouldn't miss any of them. I'm starting to feel that way about most people. - [deleted]

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