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18 fast food employees share the most ridiculous customer complaint they ever heard.

18 fast food employees share the most ridiculous customer complaint they ever heard.


Working in food service and being forced to navigate the nightmare that is never-ending sides of Ranch dressing, fake smiling, and negotiating with adults who can't control their toddler level hunger-induced temper tantrums is an extreme sport...

How many times can you nod along while getting screamed at because the fries taste 'fried' or there are too many tomatoes in the tomato sauce before you snap and quit on the spot? So, when a Reddit user asked fast food employees everywhere, 'What is the most ridiculous complaint you've received from a customer?' people who have bravely worked the drive thru window, cash register, deep fryer and more were ready to share their horror story.


I served Chinese food at a grocery store, and had a customer complain about the orange chicken because it wasn't orange on the inside. - mkhockeygeek


'You guys finished that too fast.' I wanted to go make a phone call and now I cant because my food will be cold!' Sorry? - rustyshackleford239


Many years ago I had a customer at Wendy's order a 'Double with cheese, hold the cheese.' So I said a double burger then. He gets agitated and says 'No! I want a double CHEESEBURGER, just don't put any cheese on it!'

Again, young naive me tries to save the dude some money but he gets irate and demands a manager. The conversation repeats. That was the day I learned you can't fix stupid. - somewhereinks


As a Starbucks barista, I once had a customer throw a fit because I responded to his 'thank you' with 'you're welcome.' He started shouting, 'Well, of course I'm welcome, I'm the customer! You shouldn't say you're welcome because it implies that you don't have to give me good service!' I wish I was making this up. - PinkSatanyPanties


I was in line at a McDonald's in a food court once and someone complained that they don't do Meatball Marinara Subs. There was a subway right next to the McDonald's. - Shadowsca


Lady ordered five chicken wings, came back to the counter after eating 3 saying she didn't like the flavor so we made her another five wings with a different flavor. Five minutes later she come back to the counter and says she didn't like the new flavor after eating another three.

The GM is so scared of costumer complaints to corporate he gives her another five wings for free with another flavor sauce. This woman did stuff like this all the time.The most frustrating part was her son was one of the cooks - lenamariee


I had one guy come in, order, open his wallet and try to pay in monopoly money. He was angry when the cashier wouldn't accept it. He kept saying it was real. A woman b*tched that she didn't want pickles on her burger after she ate it. Another woman b*tched that her coffee was too hot. - Monopolyalou


Pizza delivery driver here. Customer complained because she ordered a large meat lovers with double the amount of meat, added two servings of black olives, extra pepperoni (again), with bacon cheese stuffed crust. Called a few minutes after picking it up, said it was too greasy. - Jenk1123


Had a customer say his fried fish was sh*tty, asked what made it taste bad and his reply was 'I don't f*cking like fish you imbecile' - Piazzaman4


A long time ago I had a woman complain because I made her food angrily. - Franco_DeMayo


A guy came into Dairy Queen, ordered a cheeseburger and an ice cream and sat down. When the server brought him his order he started yelling and berating them saying that he couldn't eat it because he was lactose intolerant - BouchTickiTicki


I saw a woman flip out at BK because she wanted a knife with her they gave her a plastic knife (also known as the only knife fast food places have). She wanted a real metal steak knife or something and lost her sh*t.

Threw her food and drink at the employees behind the counter while screaming, pushed her way through people to leave the in her car, tried to peel out, lost control and smashed into a cop car that was pulling into the drive through. - SlothOfDoom


'Some of your plants are wet.' - mohsanehsan


'Sorry sir but my Iced coffee is too cold' - Masterchrono


I was a server and had a lady get mad because she had asked for ice water but after sitting at the table for 45 minutes decided the water was 'too watered down' cause all the ice had melted. - [deleted]


When food has literally taken less than 30 seconds getting between the deep frier to their plate and they still complain the food is cold... - JaxAdeline


Some lady asked for extra extra extra butter on her popcorn. It was gross, she wanted so much that I could feel how much it was weighing the bag down. She came out after the movie and complained because the butter had gone through the bottom of the bag and onto her pants. She b*tched that she wanted us to pay for her $150 pants because you can't get that kind of butter out of clothes. I couldn't believe it. But that wasn't even the worst part. My manager ended up giving this woman $150. - [deleted]


A man once filed a complaint against me because after pulling out every coin in his wallet he was still 10 cents short of his total. I personally spotted him the change to be nice and the next day he came in tell my manager about how I ('that f*cker') had 'embarrassed' him and 'held up the line,' (which consisted of two people who weren't even ready to pay yet). The one thing I'll never understand is, if he was so embarrassed why didn't he pull out that dollar bill he had in his wallet. - noneOclock

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