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Barista tells 'obnoxious' regular she's been lying about fixing her order; she's pissed.

Barista tells 'obnoxious' regular she's been lying about fixing her order; she's pissed.


Working a service job is taxing on the body and soul, and no customer is more cranky and particular than those who are caffeine-deprived.

When a Starbucks employee had finally hit her limit, she let loose on their worst customer. Here's the story of her satisfying cup of revenge:

'My Last Glorious Day as a Starbucks Barista'

u/Vetch31415 writes:

I used to be a Starbucks barista. We had a woman who would come in every morning and order, I s^*t you not, a double-tall vanilla latte with 3/8ths a pump of vanilla. Not a half a pump; 3/8th’s a pump. She even made one of the baristas mark our bottle pump with a sharpie.

Every single day, the first cup we would make, no matter who made it, was always wrong. Either too sweet or not sweet enough. So after a while, I began to just pretend to make another drink; pull the steam wand and wave my hands about like a fool behind the machine.

I would hand her back the same drink we made her the first time and it was ALWAYS perfect the second time, even though it was the same drink.

On my last day of work, this woman decided to come in twice that day. She was being over obnoxious and talking on her cell phone about ‘deals’ and ‘her assistant’ and essentially just announcing her importance to everyone in the room. It was 3:00 in the spring and the place was filled with teenagers ordering Frappuccinos.

I had both blenders going and both steam wands going when this woman decided to yell at me, “GOD, I CAN BARELY HEAR MYSELF THINK!!”

So I replied, “funny, I can still hear you complaining.”

If you knew me, you’d know I have the perfect facial expressions to go with it; I look/ed like a snarky little s&^t. I told her that I’ve been handing her back the same drink every morning for over a year too. I said verbatim, “kinda embarrassing now that you know, right? 3/8th is half a pump for all intents and purposes here ma’am.”

She lost it.

She demanded my manager fire me on the spot or she’d call corporate and we’d lose her business, blah blah blah.

I HATED my manager. He was the opposite of a ‘spirit of the rules/law’ kinda person and really enjoyed making our lives more difficult than they needed to be. I knew that firing me actually reflects quite negatively on his quarterly reviews and knew he wouldn’t do it.

He told her it was my last day and the best he could do was send me home early, which would be a reward rather than a punishment since the store was so busy.

She proceeded to spend the next two hours on hold with corporate outside, then when corporate either accidentally hung up on her or told her to shove it, she threw her glasses, called me a ‘little b*tch’ in front of a ton of kids, and ran to her car.

And if you can believe it, the internet was on OP's side.

Here are the top comments from Reddit:

SunflowerSpeaks says:

You are my hero for telling her about handing her the same drink back. She absolutely knew it was true when you told her. For every person who has had to deal with a b*^%h like that, I say thank you.

diMario comments:

Behold the field in which I grow my f*cks.
Lay thine eyes upon it and thou shalt see it is barren.

From robotcrackle:

Tbf, it is so hard to get fired at Starbucks. I watched a coworker walk in 2 hours late wearing flip flops for months before anything happened.

Binx_da_gay_cat can relate:

Omfg as a fellow barista I'm FIGHTING every time I have a customer be rude. I've slipped a few times and said something, but thankfully never have gotten a write up yet.

and OP replies:

I got written up all the time, lol. I’m still shocked I wasn’t fired from there. I have so many good stories, lol

Congrats to OP!

And for those of you who hate your job, make sure you at least enjoy your last day. Good luck, everyone!

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