Oh shit!

A US Airways flight from LA to Philly was reportedly forced to make an emergency landing in Kansas City, MO on Wednesday, due to a passenger's dog repeatedly treating the aisle like his favorite part of the sidewalk. 

According to NBC10, the dog crapped as many as three times, and the flight was forced to land in Kansas City after passengers started getting sick from the odor. Gawker found these tweets from passenger Chris Law documenting the situation.

This comes not long after US Airways became a Twitter sensation for accidentally tweeting out an extremely NSFW image of a toy plane in a vagina. It's safe to say the airline has forever cemented its association with bodily orifices, both human and otherwise.

Hopefully after landing in Kansas City, there was enough time to take that poor dog for the walk it apparently missed that morning.


(by Bob Powers)

Sources: H/T Gawker | NBC 10