After an exhausting 8th-grade class trip to Washington, DC, Southwest runs over woman's luggage on the tarmac.

“That's the inside, and what I see is this pink dribble coming down. It's my Pepto-Bismol leaking." (via CBS Sacramento)

Michelle Barry-Walsh had her luggage returned to her on the return carousel at Sacramento International Airport full of gaping holes and tears, looking like Clifford the big red dog's favorite chew toy. Barry-Walsh's bag was the victim of one of those travel nightmares you know must happen all the time, and you dread the day it happens to you. Her bag had bounced off a luggage truck on the tarmac and had been run over.

Southwest apologized by replacing the bag with a thin, lightweight version of the rolling case and a check for $80. Barry-Walsh complained, “This is like a $5 Target bag. That was part of an American Tourister set." Now, I have also owned a set of American Tourister bags, and they are not the most resilient bags I've ever owned. I know for certain they are no match compared to tires.

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