Man, I never save my receipts. Then again, I never drop a grand on email.

Jeremy Gutsche is the CEO of the Toronto-based consulting company Trend Hunter. He is also a man who made a very serious mistake while on a recent flight from London to Singapore. He signed up for in-flight Internet. 

Now, this by itself was not Gutsche's biggest error; signing up for only 30 MB of data (paying an already-egregious $28.99 for that privilege) was his big mistake. Those of us who are familiar with how the Internet works after 2000 or so can tell you that 30 megabytes is not a lot of data. That's why you sign up for "unlimited" even though that, too, is a rip-off. To be fair, Gutsche admits he did know he would be charged for the extra data, he just had no clue how much.

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