If you've ever been in an airplane that burst into applause after a smooth landing, it's because experienced fliers know things like this are possible.

Believe it or not, this harrowing footage of Dash-8 and ATR twin-engine commuter planes struggling to touch down on a tarmac being assailed by gale-force gusts comes not from some remote outpost at the wind-swept end of the Earth--it was shot at Birmingham Airport, just southeast of Birmingham, England. With 9.7 million passengers, it's the UK's 7th-most-trafficked airport, although after watching this, I'm surprised there are even 97 people annually who are willing to risk this each year. It's not always like this, of course, but only one runway remains open at BHX (an older, shorter one is used solely for taxiing now), leaving no alternative approaches on windy days.

Sources: flugsnug