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22 farmers and pet owners share the most unbelievable things their animals have done.

22 farmers and pet owners share the most unbelievable things their animals have done.


A common theme in children's movies is personified animals who are smart and verbal and have rich inner lives (shoutout to anyone who still tears up remembering the end of Homeward Bound). But these movies may not be as far from reality as we think. Animals are capable of a lot more than we expect or give them credit for. Many people who live or work with animals already know this.

Someone asked farmers of Reddit: "what did your animals do that made you go 'how the f**k did you do that'?" These 22 people share the crazy and unbelievable things their pets or farm animals have done that blew their f**king minds:

1.) From behoovle:

Worked at a stable with 53 horses and 1 donkey.

One morning, while feeding, I came across an empty stall that hadn't been empty at 11 p.m. the night before. This stall belonged to a huge Fresian x Percheron stallion. The mystery was:

The stall door was completely closed and secure, and I was alone, so no one else would have taken him.

How did this giant horse teleport out of his stall?

Well, we had small feed windows that some of the horses had learned to open with their mouths. This wasn't a big deal as we'd just latch them shut with clips. The openings were big enough for them to stick their heads out, but not really their bodies lol

His was open. So he actually somehow squeezed through the feed window, jumped maybe? I have no idea to this day how it happened...

But it gets better:

I had left all the mares outside overnight. My heart sank when I ran to the pasture and found him chasing/breeding with all the girls, like his own harem. He had a sexy fun night.

It was a rough day having to parade all the mares past his stall to see if they mated, and then calling their owners to tell them their horses needed plan B.

Sources: Reddit
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