The one-of-a-kind aircraft is on loan from The Museum of Flight in Seattle.

If you live in the DC area and you're a fan of aviation, comic books, or just real things that aren't pranks, you should head down to the National Air and Space Museum today to check out a truly unique exhibit. Right now, the museum is featuring a classic piece of both Americana and Amazonia: Wonder Woman's invisible plane.

The plane, which is totally invisible, has been used by the superhero Wonder Woman in her adventures on the page and on screen since 1942. It is totally invisible to sight and radar, armed with invisible missiles, and is capable of spaceflight. It is unclear if the jet will be used in the filming of the upcoming Wonder Woman film starring Gal Gadot. Given its historical significance, however, it seems unlikely. They'll probably just use CGI. Since it's invisible, it might even look OK.

Sources: Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum