Today is Barack Obama's 56th birthday, and the former U.S. President has received warm wishes from friends, family, and admirers on Twitter all day.

Of course, Michelle Obama hit us right in the feels with this tweet throwback photo featuring Sasha and Malia:

Former Vice President Joe Biden proved that his bromance with Barack is still going strong with this sweet message:


Even celebrities took time out of their day to wish the 44th president a happy birthday, including Zendaya,


Miley Cyrus,


and LeBron James.

But it was this tweet from Former U.S. President Bill Clinton that really took the (birthday) cake:

In case you forgot, Bill Clinton was instantly meme-d after being spotted having the time of his life playing with balloons at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.


No really, he was having THE MOST fun.

We are not sure if Barack Obama has the same feelings on balloons as Bill does, but Mr. Clinton's birthday is in just over two weeks.

We have a hunch as to what is going to be on his wish list this year: