10 Christmas sweaters that could ruin Christmas.

10 Christmas sweaters that could ruin Christmas.


1) Baby Jesus at Occupy Bethlehem Sweater

It used to be the hideous Christmas sweater was only offensive to one's sense of fashion. These sweaters go way beyond tacky design to offend one's sense of moral decency and general notion of how erotic or politically charged a sweater ensemble can get while still being considered "Christmas-y." Wear one to the next family gathering you fully intend to be kicked out of midway through your sixth egg nog.



2) Frosty Boner Sweater



3) Reindeer Orgy Sweater



4) "And a Happy Spooge Year to you too" Sweater



5) Letting Way Too Much Hang Out Sweater




6) Bewildering Slinky Boobs Sweater



7) Santa Bandito Sweater



8) Best Reindeer Games Ever Sweater




9) Merry Chestmas Sweater



10) Exact Opposite Of Best Reindeer Games Sweater

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