Deck the halls with wrecking balls.

Considering Miley Cyrus' most recent holiday picture stunt, when I read the words "Miley Christmas ornaments" I expected much worse. But this is one of the rather tame "Miley Balls" redditor Charbok has been making and secretly hanging on his family and friends' Christmas trees to see if anyone notices. He claims that so far no one has caught on.

One reason could be that the people in his life aren't that focused on the tree with Christmas still a month away. Another could be that like most people they've become too jaded to care. Regardless, if no one notices his trick in a couple of weeks, he could try upping the ante with other decorations from the Miley Collection like seasonal window bongs, a Miley Nativity Rave Scene, Pantless Santa, or simply ditch the tree entirely and decorate a pot plant.

Sources: Redditor charbok