That song has gotten way too popular.

Not sure if this issue came out before the song hit SNL or after, but we flipped through SkyMall on our flight last night and we didn't see any gift-boxes with genital-sized holes cut out of them for sale. They did have a Dick-In-A-Box/Personal Voice Recorder/Pelvic Dehumidifier for $295.95 that looked handy. However, call us Christmas traditionalists, but we feel like the whole point of the dick-in-a-box is to let the recipient know you made it yourself, that you were thinking of them, and the look on their face, when you measured the entryway and put your scissors to the cardboard before applying the hypoallergenic double-sided advesive. It's the (extremely pervy) thought that counts.

Sources: Redditor pnutbtrjelee