It's not NSFW now, but if you enlarge it, it might be. That's not innuendo. (via reddit)

Considering the disgusting amount of food we consume during the holidays, it's fitting that one of the season's most enduring traditions consists of building an entire house just to stuff in our fat faces. However, unlike our real homes, the gingerbread variety are usually so identically happy and functioning that you would rather smash their smug, bland little roofs in than eat them. Fortunately, some people can funnel their holiday rage into unique and interesting gingerbread creations instead of just picking a fight with their sister for the eighth time today. Here are some of the greatest, weirdest, and most messed-up creations from the holiday's sappiest pasttime.


"Whatever," said Gingerbread Rob Ford, "it hasn't affected my job running Candytown." (via)

I don't know. I find him to be a lot tastier-looking in his big rig form.

Sadly, seeing this makes me immediately think of Kappa Kappa clothes from the 90s. (via)

It made the candy run in under 12 gumdrops. (via)

This is how this redditor solved a broken gingerbread house.
Miley can always make a trainwreck look intentional. 

The villagers were forced to resort to milk bombardment at the cost of their homes. (via)

Hey! It's a gingerbread that-thing-your-nerdy-friends-constantly-tell-you-to-watch. (via)

Gingerbread City never recovered after the factories crumbled in a rainstorm. (via)

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