1. National Geo-Graphic Violence

Family holiday cards are never anyone's finest hour. There's the horrendous sweaters, the strained smiles that have clearly been held through three dozen different false starts and adjustments, and the fact that you finally had to give up and use one where someone's eyes are half open like they're channeling the dead. But those photos still look like an Annie Leibovitz exhibition compared to these frozen moments of holiday horror.


2. What To Expect When You Know Insane People Who Are Expecting


3. "Merry Christmas, I Kidnapped Your Cat"


4. Happy Winter Solstice From Your Favorite Pagans At Hot Topic  


5. Before You Ask, No, She Was Not Run Over By a Reindeer — It Was a Hyundai


6. I Saw Mommy Kissing Everyone


7. He Sees You When You're Creepily Grinning


8. Trim the Tree (From the Will)


9. Extremely White Christmas


10. Mom's Plastered Again


11. Photoshop Of Horrors


12. Laugh All You Want But This is Actually a Rare Terminal Disease


13. Pictured: Four Beards


14. They're Cat People


15. Medieval Times They Are A-Changin'

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