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21 people living in Italy share what life is currently like during the Coronavirus lockdown.

21 people living in Italy share what life is currently like during the Coronavirus lockdown.


Coronavirus is no joke. In the U.S., many people are bracing for a potential quarantine by stocking up on essentials like food and toilet paper. And in some parts of the world, this is already a reality. In Italy, as of this morning the government put the entire country on lockdown to help contain the spread of the virus, CNN reports. But what does a "mandatory quarantine" actually look like for citizens? Outside from watching Outbreak (do not recommend), the best way to find out is to hear from people who are currently living it.

Someone asked Reddit: "to those that live in Italy, how is the situation right now with coronavirus and lockdown?" These 19 people shared their stories:

1.) From TrickiestLemon:

Right now I'm in my office in Tuscany, 20 miles away from my home. This morning at 7 am we hadn't any problem moving around, but I don't know how things will evolve outside my workplace.

There are a lot of different informations about what you can and what you can't do from all the media, so I'm here hoping to not getting sick and still be capable at least to move to home tonight and maybe came back to work in the next days.

Some say life goes on like always, others say everything is compromised. I'm just here, waiting for things to develop. I have friends in northern Italy quarantined in their homes, my mum in hospital working with face masks and generally people freaking out.

They say grocery shopping will be guaranteed, so overall I'm not even worried about it. Maybe is the chance to have some days off and enjoy my home and some games...

Unrequested update: is 6pm, while working we got a document to show to police officers if we get stopped while going from a "comune" (something like U.S. municipalities) to another. In this document we declare who we are and why we aren't in our home. You can move by car/bike/whatever if you have to meet your family (older people who need care, children and so on) or go to work. Every other reason is forbidden. Right now you still can go around the comune where you live without almost any problem (you only have to keep distance from people around you).

Traffic is quite low, compared to last week for example, but people still do their things. A lot of non-fundamental services are closed but you can still go to a pharmacy, hospital, gas stations and big workplaces like industries.

Social life is paused, almost everything else is still active in my life.

Sources: Reddit
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