Warning: you may think you're too jaded to feel bad for some kid who went on the Internet. You're not. Oh, who am I kidding? The web is full of terrible people.

It's hard to be so awful that someone could actually look happier when they're being pranked in the shower.

Way back in September, I wrote about a viral video in which a dad pulled a good-natured prank on his son who was loudly singing Katy Perry in the shower. It was pretty funny. People liked it alright. It got millions of views. Just another day on the Internet. Well, for Logan Fairbanks, the kid in the video, it meant months and months of seeing really mean comments about himself online. He told his dad he wanted to make his own video to talk about this. (The YouTube channel belongs to his father Josh.) This was both for his own sake, to overcome the bullies, and to encourage other kids who may have been scared offline by jerks to have confidence in themselves. Here's Logan reading some of the comments on that viral video.

Sources: Josh Fairbanks | redditor SecretOfTheOoze