People shared all the stuff about the 90s that does NOT make them nostalgic.

People shared all the stuff about the 90s that does NOT make them nostalgic.

The internet in the 2010s can feel like one endless, hellish episode of I Love The '90s, but the decade wasn't only about (then-nostalgic) tie-dye and (then futuristic) Tamagotchis and tie-dyeing your Tamagotchis. A recent Reddit thread had people sharing all the things from the 90s they didn't miss, and that's not even including all the tragedies and disease. Here is the other side of whimsical 90s nostalgia (but it's still pretty whimsical).

1. Remember how crime never slept? Ksuwildkat does.

Car stereo theft. People don't even think about it now but back then you had to take a ton of precautions to not have your car stereo stolen.

2. ​Bhikkux has another musical complaint.

portable cd players that were too wide to fit in your jean pockets

3. ​Iwkyawy just respects portability in general.

Heavy TVs. I like being able to carry my TV up and down stairs by myself.

4. Impressive onomatopoeia from demonedge.

DGAA DUNN DNNNNDD Pshhhkkkkkkrrrr​kakingkakingkakingtsh​chchchchchchchcch​dingdingding

Edit: "Welcome to AoL"


5. Might have to Google what Milain is talking about here.

Limited access to knowledge. I remember how much work it was to put together a presentation on a topic. Spend hours getting all the valuable information out of books

6. Ford_Perfect_lx didn't bother chatting.

Trying to think of cool things to post as my away status on AOL instant messenger

7. Nithe1975 did the good work that prevented the apocalypse.

People freaking the fuck out over Y2K. I worked in for one of the biggest names in the brokerage industry in the early 1990's and we already had our shit tested and locked down by 1994 or so. New changes to that code base had to be tested against Y2K policies before going into production.


8. Bernath didn't love walkie-talkie phones?

Being at a restaurant and listening to the person at the next table over conduct an entire conversation using their Nextel push-to-talk.

9. Aw man, Beer_lady made it real.

That sinking realization that my dad forgot to pick me up from school again.

Classic beer lady.