Privates is a secure messaging app that allows users to protect pics, texts and videos sent between users. It has many features, but two of the most promising are preventing screenshots and allowing users to retract a message after it's been sent. This has natural appeal to those that send text messages to exes or nude pics that they would never want anyone else to see.

The app claims that "users can feel safe knowing Privates keeps your data not just encrypted away from the reach of hackers but also protects against screenshots." They talk an awful lot about hackers on their site and in their YouTube video, but hackers generally aren't after everyone's drunk texts. 


This app is clearly for people who want to send nudes to each other, or those that want to avoid getting busted for cheating. Being able to retract a text message you might regret is great; but it has to be with someone else who uses the app. Chances are you're not going to ask an ex or your boss to sign up for this app so you have the option of avoiding regretful texts.


This app seems to be just what the name promises: a way to protect your privates (nude pics). And for that purpose, it's fantastic, since the sender can determine the security features the recipient must use to view their message. The strongest security setting requires the recipient to have the camera on their phone scan their face. Not bad.

Privates is perfect if you're looking for some app security that feels like it's from a Mission Impossible movie.

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