The 15 best celebrity throwback photos of 2015. Now with more 1980s!

The 15 best celebrity throwback photos of 2015. Now with more 1980s!

Celebrities make throwback photos fun for the masses. Their retro pics give everyone a chance to see what the famous and powerful looked like before they were caked in makeup and could afford the best personal trainers. And sometimes they're just plain funny or cute.

1. Amy Schumer in the 80s before she was a trainwreck.

Subtly referencing a Whitney Houston song, wearing a dress that is by no means subtle and is pure 80s.

2. Taylor Swift as one of the Teletubbies for Halloween.

She claims she went as the yellow one (Laa Laa) and that her classmates thought she was an alien. The black and white filter does make this picture seem like a conspiracy photo for an alien cover-up.

3. Jerry Seinfeld's first passport at sweet 16.

My first Passport. 16 years old. 1971. Feeling strong. #TBT

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What's the deal with passport photos?

4. Kim Kardashian before the contouring makeup.

Happy birthday beautiful @KimKardashian!

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Posted by none other than Caitlyn Jenner! Her lips and eyes actually show more motion in this still picture than they currently do in real life.

5. Hugh Jackman was always ripped and handsome.


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Is he a vampire? Jackman appears not to have aged and possesses eternal strength. Maybe he really is like that immortal character with claws: Freddie Krueger.

6. Gisele's first runway show as a model.


Long before she blamed Patriots receivers for her husband Tom Brady's performance, Gisele began professionally modeling at age 14.

7. Michelle Obama wishing a happy Father's Day to POTUS.

Thinking today and every day about the father of these two. Happy Father's Day! -mo

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What a long, long way they've all come. Being the leader of the free world for eight years will add some gray to your hair.

8. Paris Hilton, her family, and Michael Jackson for some reason.

On set with Michael & fam.❤️🎶 Miss him 😇#TBT

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Wow. Only Nicky has the appropriate look on her face for how weird this is. Or maybe Jackson's chimp, Bubbles, is making threatening gestures towards her off-camera.


9. Jeremy Renner in a tux with a f**king mullet!

Throwback prom pictures are perhaps the best and most embarrassing. 80s all the way.

10. Adele's very first throwback photo.

Throwing it way back with this! Thank you for all the love, I am so blown away. X #TBT

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Hello from the other side of life!

11. Mario Lopez posting the Saved By The Bell throwback from The Tonight Show.

#TBT to last night on @FallonTonight ! So much fun... #FriendsForever #25YearsLater

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Bayside High looks as strong as ever alongside Jimmy Fallon. Notably absent is Screech, because he did jail time this year for stabbing someone in a bar.

12. Beyoncé with her little sis Solange.

🎈🎈Happy Birthday to my sis!🎈🎈I love you deep. 💃🏽💕

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Before she was big enough to fiercely attack Jay Z in an elevator, she was just the kid sister.

13. Aziz Ansari as an intern on The Daily Show.

Quite impressive to return to a show as a guest when you were once the intern.


14. Mariah Carey keeping it fresh with Will Smith.

#FBF I still can't believe this picture...

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1988! Before her debut album and before Smith broke into film, Scientology, and New Age children of his own.

15. Krysten Ritter

It gets better kiddies! 😁😁😁😁❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Ha! Ritter gives kids everywhere hope. Everyone can make it out of the awkward phase in junior high and go on to star in groundbreaking TV shows like Breaking Bad and Jessica Jones.