15 photos that blew the Internet's mind in 2015.

15 photos that blew the Internet's mind in 2015.

Many photos were taken in the year 2015, and many of those photos were shared. There were selfies, baby nudes, and throwbacks. But these pictures? These are the mind-blowing pictures that blew the most minds.

1. This accidental photobomb.

A little kid seeking to explore some meatballs that were off the children's menu is funny, but the waiter's reaction is the funniest.

2. This lion that almost killed the photographer.

Photographer Atif Saeed was taking wildlife photos in Pakistan and got out of his jeep to get closer to the lion. He told The Daily Mail:

I was sitting in front of him just near my car and the door of my car was open. I was sat on ground few feet away, so he was treating me like his prey… I was laughing at that time, but now when I think back about the incident I don't think I would be able to do it again. It was a pretty close encounter.

Worth it.


3. This two-faced cat.

#fbf Fall 2013

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Venus, the "two face" cat, is indeed a real cat. The half black cat, half-tabby is an Instagram star, and hopefully will not team up with Harvey Dent anytime soon.

4. This plane being struck by lightning.

Holy sh*t. This past August, lightning struck a Delta Boeing 737 inches off the ground in Atlanta. Thankfully nobody was injured, but holy hell, that seems like a still from Independence Day. 


5. This lizard sleeping inside of a rose.

"My daughter picked me a rose... We got a surprise when we went to smell it."

Look closer...

Something so unexpected, and so serene, suggesting a sense of harmony in the natural world.

6. This penis in a glass.


Earlier this fall, the Internet went wild for the optical illusion coming out of this woman's cocktail, emphasis on the first syllable of "cocktail."

7. This tattoo that started a discussion about depression.


Bekah Miles is a 20-year-old college student who was diagnosed with depression, and her tattoo is a powerful encapsulation of what it feels like to suffer from a mental illness. To onlookers, it says, "I'm fine," but from her perspective, it says "save me." It speaks to the stigma and shame associated with depression, and that openness is the antidote.


8. This "Japanese Harry Potter."

Levitation boy(●´◡`●)(boyだから。boy。)

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Japanese artist Halno dreamed of flying around the world by broom. While he unfortunately couldn't deny the laws of physics, he used the magic of jumping and optical illusions to live his dream, posting broom-flying pics from all over the world.

9. This pitbull/dachshund mix.

With the head of a pitbull and the body of a wiener dog, real dog Rami is trippy.


10. This Canadian tribute to America.


Jovial Canadian dudes meeting 'Murrica up close might be the best Canadian photo that doesn't have the Prime Minister in it.

11. This selfie that used the planet for lighting.

Astronaut Scott Kelly was chillin aboard the International Space Station in June when the noticed the reflection of the Mediterranean Sea truly highlights the cheekbones.

12. This Jaws crib.


Joseph Reginellathe coolest uncle on Staten Island—made this crib to look like his newborn nephew could reenact Quint's epic death scene every night. Sweet dreams!

13. This thin Thor.

While celebrity selfies rarely blow minds (the celebs are almost always in full makeup, just happening to recline so glamorously), this pic of Chris Hemsworth is genuinely startling.

14. This bear falling from a tree.


A two-year-old bear in Colorado was living the dream when he climbed up a tree to take a nap. To get him down, wildlife services tranquilized him and had safety mats handy. But the result is a soaring bear, the stuff Winnie the Pooh's dreams are made of.

15. This dress.


The dress blew ALL OF THE MINDS this year, dominating the discourse and forcing people to confront how unreliable their own perceptions are.