Sit down, internet. There's another viral bae to keep track of. Meet #bootbae. When another woman tried to approach her boyfriend, she was not having it. So she used her boot to stop it.

A video of the woman's brilliant shut-down was posted to Twitter on Wednesday.

The tweet went viral overnight. It currently has over 136,000 retweets and 179,000 likes. The woman has become known throughout the internet as #bootbae.


And many Twitter users were quick to point out the abundance of viral baes the internet has brought us in 2017 so far.


And while the video is great, I know what you're really thinking: "Where did she get those killer boots?"

Luckily, one savvy Twitter hero figured out where to buy them. (They're at GoJane, in case you were wondering.)

Welcome to viral fame, #bootbae.