After BuzzFeed published an unverified dossier on the "compromising personal and financial information" Russia has on Donald Trump, the President-elect lavished praise on the website.

BuzzFeed, he said, is a "failing pile of garbage."

Since BuzzFeed, like Trump, understands the internet, they quickly started monetizing the phrase. The very same day, you could buy their very own "Limited Edition BuzzFeed Garbage Can."

The product's accompanied by a few five-star "reviews," pretty clearly written by someone at BuzzFeed to mimic the President-elect's extremely presidential way of speaking. Here's a couple:


From Your Racist Uncle: BRING OUR JOBS BACK

This trash can, it's the best can. We're seeing the other cans, they're so much better than our trash cans - you wouldn't believe. And they're all laughing at us. We can't even have our trash in a can, people, okay? We've got to do something about this. And this can is what we're gonna do. It's the highest quality can, higher quality than any other can you've seen - and we'll have more details on that later. The picture here is fake - the can is HUGE, not some measely little thing like they show on the news. Nothing tiny about it, I can assure you that. We're going to make America trash again, okay?


From Third Person Donald: THE BEST.

This really is the best trash can I've ever seen. It's really great. I've had many people call my office to tell me how unbelievably incredible it is. It opens, it shuts, it REALLY is gonna make trash cans great again.