The 22 funniest dads on Twitter as chosen by hilarious women.

The 22 funniest dads on Twitter as chosen by hilarious women.

Hi Twitter, I'm dad.

For as long as we can remember, we've been objectifying fathers; DILFs, with their enviable "dad-bods" and devil-may-care (or devil-may-have-cared-about-15-years-ago-and-then-never-updated-it-again) fashion sense. But the question we at Someecards want to know is, are dads funny?

It turns out, yes, they are, and not just in the "I'm hungry/Hi hungry, I'm dad" sense. We painstakingly curated this list of some of the funniest dads of twitter, just in time to give you something to distract yourself with while you place your obligatory call to your own family on Sunday. We suggest you follow each of these funny fathers right away!

@goldengateblond and @behindyourback

Josh Hara doesn't just write hilarious tweets about his life as a dad, he also draws cartoons and illustrates his morning Stabucks cups and we wish he'd illustrate our lunches too.


Ristolable's not only a dad, he just became an uncle and we'd guess he's probably funnier than yours (sorry!).


We can promise you, this is the funniest owl-dad you will ever find and the tweet below should be all the proof you need.


If it weren't for twitter, how else would we know that the lead singer of Blink-182 was just a very funny dad at heart all along?


It's probably not fair to compare your dad to another dad who's a stand-up comic and TV host, so spare his feelings and don't tell him how funny Brian Gaar is.


Novelist, columnist and contributor to sites like McSweeneys and The Onion, Wayne Gladstone's smart and silly humor will make you into the better person you tell your dad you already are.


We double-checked, Dan did not make up a kid just to be included in our list, but we might have let him anyway because his tweets are that ridiculously funny, we couldn't leave him off.


PaperWash's avi is a roll of toilet paper holding a gun and what would remind you of living at home more than that?


Musky Lozenge's bio reads "Your dad's friend. You know, from work!" and we'll bet he is, but this hilarious father to a toddler is so much more.


Wonder where the runner-up on the first American Idol is now? Oh, just an actor, singer and most importantly, a dad on twitter making everyone laugh.


Tim Siedell may be a hilarious writer for The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore but we'll bet that hasn't protected him from having his kids roll their eyes at them, just like every other dad on the planet.


If, when you think "dad joke," you think ridiculousness and puns, you're thinking of Cortronic's super funny twitter feed.


Pogue Philosophy's wordplay tweets will make you groan and laugh at the same time, which means he's killing it in the world of dad humor.


As a dad of humans and cats, Mark's twitter will make you laugh no matter what sort of parent you identify as.


If you like your dad humor with a heavy side of beautiful absurdity, Afbradstone's the dad tweeter for you.


Bucky Isotope has perfected the art of the dad joke about dads: He reflects his own dad-ness back at us and we're so grateful for it.


In just 140 characters, super funny dad Ceej creates an entire world for us to marvel and laugh at.


Frank Lowe's bio sums it up: "I used to be a bitchy gay guy, now I'm a bitchy gay dad."


Writer for Comedy Central, Playboy, Mandatory, Vice and probably every other website that exists, Rob Fee somehow magically finds time to create hilarious content, raise a kid and still make awesome jokes about it on twitter.


Dan Ewen's twitter handle is "VaguelyFunnyDan" but, just like when your dad claimed not to know where mom stored the cookies, he's lying, he's actually hilarious.


ADadABeardACanal has "Dad" right there in his name and it's appropriate because this Texas father tweets non-stop about the exceptionally funny trials and tribulations of raising his four children.


Look, it was nearly impossible to pick just one dad tweet from Jeff Lyons so pretend we didn't, go to his page and laugh at the dad jokes for the rest of the day.