Lady overhears random guy brag about cheating on his GF, sparks a hilarious manhunt.

Lady overhears random guy brag about cheating on his GF, sparks a hilarious manhunt.

Last Friday, a British university student/international hero named Emily Shepherd gave every "Ben" in the country a shiver of fear.

Emily had heard a random guy on the train admit that he cheated on his girlfriend. And the only identifying details she overheard? His location, sure, and his name.

And what a sweetly generic name it is.

Bad day to be a guy named Ben.

The tweet went viral (and Emily made her account private to avoid the abuse that comes with being entertaining on Twitter).

But the tweet had already sparked the imaginations of Ben-knowers across Great Britain. It was truly great.

"This you?" they asked, as Bens were forced to defend themselves the only way British Bens know how.

BBC star Deborah Meaden even weighed in, asking "cheating Ben" to step forward "before all the non cheating Bens" took their revenge on him for besmirching their very generic names.


Others were quick to defend Ben, lest the next name to get dragged through the Twitter mud was their own.

It's okay, twitter user @crackwhore1981, it's pretty unlikely anyone is going to overhear your name on the train.


Emily even gave an interview to the BBC, explaining that the train car was "fairly empty" and "there was a group of boys talking and drinking and swearing as lads do... they were going through girls' Facebook profiles."

Does that sound like a Ben you know? Of course it does.

According to the BBC, she "publicly outed the individual after he apparently admitted to cheating on his girlfriend."

"It's been crazy," she said. "I've received so many comments from people supporting me and you get the usual trolls trying to bring you down."

Naturally, Emily's messages lit up with people sending her photos trying to identify the right Ben. But no one had it.


As as of her last follow up on Twitter, Emily reportedly said this:

For everyone asking: Ben is yet to be found, I’ve had several messages but nothing yet. I’m now on the Manchester - Bournemouth train and no sign yet... thanks to everyone calling me a grass and a snake, you’re all great X

Assemble the B(en)-Team. This Ben must be found.