Over on Imgur, a really beautiful post by a user named youandmeandrainbows has started to go massively viral—because if there's one thing people are more passionate about than cheating cheaters, it's creative ways to destroy them.

Here are some of the best ones, and because we're feeling inspired, we're throwing in some of our additional Someecards favorites. We've been salivating over this cheating stuff for almost a decade and—let us tell you—the stories are really piling up.

Enjoy the cheating fiascos, and feel free to use these techniques if you ever find yourself in a blind rage.


1. The dude who hid a note in the one place she wouldn't find it.

Psst, ladies: This is the underside of a toilet seat.
Psst, ladies: This is the underside of a toilet seat.

2. The woman who hid in the trunk.

3. The savage woman who doesn't have that tattoo.

4. The guy who took a series of selfies.


5. The wife who found her husband's Tinder profile.

6. The lady with a fun game and an open Facebook account.

7. Who's crueler? This Netflix monster?

8. ...or this one?


9. The ex with a new twist on an old classic.

10. The woman who's boyfriend hated when she showed skin. So she sold all his clothes.

11. And the ultimate classy move.

So what have we learned? If you want revenge, hit them where it really hurts. Their car and their Netflix account.