8 criminals who bragged on social media and got caught.

8 criminals who bragged on social media and got caught.

The best criminals know not to brag and flaunt their money, because it always draws unwanted attention from the law. But most criminals aren't very savvy, especially when it comes to social media. Here are eight who couldn't help but brag online, and got caught as a result.

1. The guy who commented on a Facebook warrant post.

UPDATE: In custody 3/3/2015 Time for another featured warrant of the week! BCSO is looking to apprehend ANDREW DALE...

Posted by Butler County Sheriff's Office on Monday, March 2, 2015

Andrew Dale Marcum decided to comment on the Facebook post of his warrant by the Butler County Sheriff's Office. While he said "he ain't tripping," he did indeed trip up. He was captured the very next day:

Facebook: Andrew Marcum

The best part is that his comment is still live on the original post, well over a year after this happened. Marcum still hasn't learned how Facebook works.

2. The guy who posted from his victim's Facebook account.

Facebook: Marc Fisher

Marc Fisher is a writer for The Washington Post who chronicled the tale of Rodney Knight, a man who robbed his home, then proceeded to post to pictures of his loot to Fisher's son's Facebook page via a stolen laptop. Knight was even wearing Fisher's coat in the picture, providing ample evidence for his arrest.


3. The guy who confessed to murder and posted evidence on Facebook.

Facebook: Derek Medina

Derek Medina confessed to killing his wife on Facebook, and then, despicably, uploaded a photo of the crime scene with her body. So he confessed, then posted a picture of the body, all on his own Facebook page with his own phone. Then he pleaded not guilty. It didn't work.


4. The teen girls who started "Attack a Teacher Day."


Six teen girls in Nevada were arrested after police discovered a Facebook event they'd created that was dedicated to threatening certain teachers with violence. They named it "Attack a Teacher Day," and while they claimed it was a joke, it was no joke when they were arrested and charged with misdemeanors for communicating threats.

5. The rival gangs who threatened each other on Facebook.


A series of threats on Facebook between two longtime rival gangs led to a raid and the largest gang bust in the history of New York City. It turns out that when one gang takes credit for a high-profile shooting, and then all sorts of other threats of violence get thrown around on Facebook, the NYPD takes notice. It resulted in 103 arrests for two murders and 19 non-fatal shootings.

6. The guy who liked his own mugshot.

Facebook: Cascade County Crime Stoppers

Levi Charles Reardon liked his own mugshot on the Cascade County Crime Stoppers' Facebook page. The best part of him liking the mugshot from his own profile is the reason he had a warrant out for his arrest: felony forgery. Maybe try a fake account next time, ace. He was arrested shortly after liking the post.

7. The guy who siphoned gas from a police car.

Facebook: Michael Baker

Siphoning gas from a car is a bad idea. Siphoning gas from a police car is a worse idea. Siphoning gas from a police car, then bragging about it on Facebook while giving the bird is the worst idea in the world. Michael Baker of Jenkins, Kentucky, was arrested and spent a night in jail, hopefully without the stench of gasoline on his breath.


8. The fugitive who accepted a friend request from the Justice Department.

Facebook: Maxi Sopo

Maxi Sopo decided to take a little trip to Mexico after defrauding Seattle banks out of more than $200,000. He posted about his trip on Facebook, not longer after he accepted a friend request from a Justice Department official. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, or just make them the same thing.