How could taking a selfie at a Holocaust memorial get any worse? Crossfit.

How could taking a selfie at a Holocaust memorial get any worse? Crossfit.

Crossfit relies on "muscle confusion." In this case, getting your deltoids to ask "Why? Why would you do this?"


Memorial to the Murdered Social Media Accounts of Idiots. (via Gawker)

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe located in Berlin, Germany is, to say the least, a serious place. It is there as an unsettling reminder of the horrors committed by Nazis in World War II and of the potential in all of us for evil. It is also, unfortunately, a great temptation for people who can never resist taking selfies. Even public figures like NBA players have been caught doing it, and other people have even gone so far as to take selfies at Auschwitz or other very serious places. No one, however, managed to mix this grave insult to the memory of millions with a grave insult to billions of living humans by using the memorial as a platform to brag about their obnoxious health craze.

Until self-described "Inspirerer/Crossfit coach" Dave Driskell, that is. The well-known Crossfit "evangelist" took this very athletic photo at the memorial designed for introspection earlier today, and the response was vicious and swift. I think the best and most concise comment visible in this screengrab is the one reading "Mate, that is so insensitive and makes you look really dumb. I would delete this post." Wise words, and for once, someone on the Internet listened. Driskell took the post down and replaced it with this, accompanied by a shockingly good apology by Internet standards:


A photo posted by Dave Driskell (@davedriskell) on

Here is Driskell's apology:

I'd like to apologize for any offense the last picture I posted has caused. I had a quick layover in Berlin today with a good friend and we walked all around the city looking at and enjoying all the beauty it has to offer. We walked near this memorial not knowing what it was at the time. People were walking on the pillars. Kids running around. People sitting on them. It was gorgeous and looked visually stunning. As with all things like this I wanted a picture next to it, as I have been doing for years. I took a handstand picture with it as the background. I truly did not know what the structure was. 
I feel completely terrible as I would never purposely offend or disrespect this memorial had I known. I posted the picture using the wifi from a local cafe and then went back to exploring the city. It wasn't until later tonight at the airport that I realized my error in understanding what this structure was. 
I've been doing handstands all over the world since I started this amazing wanderlust adventure that has inspired people all over the world. 
Earlier this year I flew to India to help with a charitable event which raised over $24,000.00 to help the orphans and needy in India. I love to promote fitness and inspire people to do something different than the norm: To be epic. To be fit. To help others. To chase happiness. To show love! I love all and strive to show that through my passions of travel and fitness. 
Again I apologize for this horrible misunderstanding and any offense this might have caused. 
Anyone who knows me, knows this is the complete opposite of what I would want. 
I respectfully ask your forgiveness 
Dave Driskell.


I will say this: unlike most people who do something moronic online, Crossfit seems to have given Driskell the strength to admit he was wrong and the flexibility to deal with it.