The closer you look at this creepy image, the more disturbing it gets.

The closer you look at this creepy image, the more disturbing it gets.

Jeff Lee Johnson is an artist with a knack for the fantastical and the horrifying. One of his pieces, created to illustrate a rule book for a Fantasy Flight card game, is going viral for essentially being the "Where's Waldo" of gore.

It might look pretty innocent at first. So take a look, and keep looking, until you can't find any more details that make your skin want to fall off.

It's called "Blue Plate Special."

Here are a few of the details that have Imgur, Tumblr, and Reddit losing their lunch:

  • The blind man is eating an eyeball.
  • The knife is bleeding onto the pie.
  • The woman has a tentacle.
  • There's a tentacle under the stool.
  • There's a tentacle-monster under the counter (there's a lot of tentacle stuff).
  • One of the men at the counter has a mosquito face.
  • The bloody hand print on the window.
  • The scratch marks (or gills) on the blind man's neck.
  • The skull in the coffee cup.
  • Everything on the menu costs 15 (truly terrifying).
  • The notebook has the word tentacles written in it.
  • Everything's tilted, and the people may be losing their balance.
  • The blind man is reading the paper.

Anything else, or is that enough to blow your puny mind for now?

Look at this before you go to sleep for a guaranteed dream about murderous octopuses. And check out more of the artist's work, here.