The story of Essena O'Neill, the social media star who has quit social media, struck a chord and generated a discussion about online personas and the very nature of happiness. Instagram-famous teenagers who have yet to denounce social media either felt personally insulted by Essena's assessment, or they just straight-up wanted the attention that comes with a reaction video to a viral story. With titles like "ESSENA O'NEILL Quitting Social Media Is A HOAX" and "ESSENA ONEILL IS FAKE," teens are waging a full-blown war.

The worst, most prominent video has to be from Los Angeles sisters Nina and Randa, who ranted for 15 minutes. It's a particularly obnoxious video, where Nina and Randa give Essena's video a kind of  Daily Show treatment in which they play clips and "fact-check" them like they're Fox News. 

Sources: h/t New York Magazine