13 times face swapping was even creepier than it's supposed to be.

13 times face swapping was even creepier than it's supposed to be.

Whether through faulty apps or crafty Photoshopping, face swap photos have a unique ability to terrify. While it's hilarious to see what you would look like with your friend's hair, and what they look like with yours, glitches in The Matrix can lead to some terrifying results, like large babies, hamburgers for heads, and doll faces on humans.

Feast your eyes on these ridiculously creepy reversals of features. It's American Horror Story: Face Swap.

1. The mustache face.

Watch the face-mustache become a new hipster trend. 

2. The tire rim face.

How Bane was born.

3. The adult babyface.

Santa Claus is confused about who to give presents to. 

4. The Benjamin Button face.

Benjamin Buttoning so hard.

5. The doll face.

Where the 1930s slang term/your next nightmare came from.

6. The jack-o-lantern face. 

All face swaps are inherently Halloween-y.

7.  The pleasurable Adam Levine face. 

He will be loved.

8. The dolphin face.

Why the long face?

9. The hamburger face.

You are what you eat.

10. The tummy face.

Listen to the tummy grumbling.

11. The baby shower face.

Even scarier than the shower scene in

12. The baby swimmer face.

Basically every large baby is terrifying.

13. The Hathahaal face.

Doesn't look too much like Maggie.