The dumbest things said on social media by people whose vote counts just as much as yours.

The dumbest things said on social media by people whose vote counts just as much as yours.

When people talk about our Founders, one thing they tend to forget is that our Founders did not trust "people" in general. They put a lot of barriers in between the masses and real power, because Democracy is a double-edged sword—and you'd probably feel pretty nervous if you saw a bunch of idiots waving double-edged swords around. For better or worse (OK, fine, it's better), we have put that sword in everyone's hand, which makes it all the more crucial that you, a non-idiot, vote. So, to motivate you non-idiots to get your non-idiot butts to the polls in November, regardless of who you're voting for, here's a healthy sampling of the kinds of idiots who are encouraging other idiots on Facebook and other social media sites to think idiot thoughts so they can usher in an idiot revolution. Idiots.

1. Starting with celebrities, let's not forget B.o.B.'s recent flat-earth meltdown.

2. The person writing this post: definitely an idiot. The person driving the Jeep? 50/50.

3. This is why we can't have nice things, like kids not dying of measles.

4. FACT: Science is hard.


5. Makes you think.

6. And yet, they went there.

7. Those poor children.

8. Facebook friends are easy come, easy go.


9. Good luck!

10. What a way to come out.

11. A turducken of wrong.

12. If you're going to take a picture while driving and you shouldn't, at least hide the odometer to make everyone less worried.

13. This entire list could just be people being fooled by Onion articles.


14. Seriously.

15. These are normal NBC colors.

16. We can provide you FOOD to cook, not Tim Cook. 

17. For everything, there is a corresponding paranoia.