Over the weekend, a tweet was posted showing a sad-looking bulldog, who was supposedly bummed out after no other dogs showed up to his birthday party.

The tweet gave Twitter users a lot of feelings, and it quickly went viral.


Twitter user @NasMaraj, the original poster of the sad doggo, even tweeted out a poll to see if people would bring their dogs to the ~next party~ he threw for little Doug.

People overwhelmingly said yes.

Here's the catch, though: The story about this sad little dog and his sad little party is completely fake.

@NasMaraj, aka 17-year-old Nasiir Williams, told Buzzfeed that he tweeted the photos when he "was really bored one day." Inspired by the viral stories of Paw Paw and the pit bull no one wanted to pet on Halloween, Williams found the photos through Google image search, and then posted them on his Twitter. He added that he didn't expect his fake story to go this far.


Williams says he doesn't actually have a dog because his parents won't let him. He really wants one, though.

"I don't know how long I can keep it up before people find my address and forcefully send gifts," Williams told Buzzfeed. "I feel kinda bad."

Someone better tell Twitter there's not actually going to be a giant dog party in Atlanta, Georgia.


Never trust the internet, guys.

Sources: Buzzfeed