As chill as we pretend to be, we at Someecards can't help but read the comments, and that's because we love 99.4% of you.​ Here are the awesomest of the awesome this week. (No pressure to make the comments on this post funny.)

1. On our post "These insane cheating stories will make you happy you're single," Kara told her insane story involving the ultimate fake-out running free with the TP.

I dated a guy for 10 years while in grade school. My freshman year of college I arrived home after working a 12 hour shift only to find out he wasn't home. I figured he was still at the party at our neighbors house, so I headed over there. The door was locked, but I knocked anyways and after a few minutes somebody that was passed out on the couch opened the door. I headed back to the girls bedroom and noticed my boyfriends of the times clothes and boots on the floor. She told me she didn't know where he was (but she had the blankets pulled up to her neck and was totally naked) I played dumb and thanked her and went out to the door opened it and shut it to act like I left. I then hear her knocking on the wall saying 'She's gone, you can come back to bed now. " He started to come out of the bathroom, but quickly shut the door when he saw me. He wouldn't even man up and come out and face it. I freaked out and told her that I hope he was worth it because we had just found out he had herpes. Should have seen the look on her face!!! Needless to say, even though it was 4am, I packed up and left right then and there. I took everything, including the toilet paper.