A group of students at Cardiff University in the U.K. got a bit of a surprise recently when the police unexpectedly joined their group chat.

20-year-old Lawrence Court, group chat participant, posted a screenshot of the conversation to Twitter.

The students' friend Cameron had apparently gotten a little drunk, and couldn't remember his address. So, the police hopped in on their group chat to see if any of them knew where he lived.


Court told Mashable that he and his friends were a little skeptical at first. (How often do the police just randomly appear in your group chats?)

"We naturally thought it wasn't real and that Ron (the guy involved) was playing us," he explained.

When the friends went so far as to "call bullshit" on the whole ordeal, the police proved they were telling the truth in the best way possible.


That's right. This police officer invoked the power of the selfie to prove his legitimacy. And what a selfie it is.

You just never know who's going to show up in your group chat.