A mom shared a little humblebrag about her three-year-old grandson's astute skepticism regarding Santa Claus, and his impressive conviction in the power of god. But when her son saw the Facebook post, he immediately affirmed his own conviction in the power of the roast.

And his firm belief that one should call out a mom for writing the following anecdote.

My mother told my grandson "if you're bad, Santa will not give you gifts under the tree." My grandson told her, "I don't believe in Santa. I believe in God and through him all things are possible." He is only 3 but he knows the word. Can I get an amen.


She could, probably, get an amen. Just not from her son, who pointed out that his nephew exclusively "speaks in Power Ranger quotes."

As his tweet started to go viral (it's been favorited nearly 300,000 times since he posted it on December 10), Koran Hackman made an entreaty to the web:

Well, obviously, people answered the call.


"I called her out because I enjoy roasting the people I love," Hackman told BuzzFeed News. For her part, Hackman's mom didn't seem to mind too much. He doubts she even knows what a retweet is. Still though, justice was served.