11 instances of Halloween gone horribly wrong on Facebook.

11 instances of Halloween gone horribly wrong on Facebook.

Halloween is the best time of the year, what with the skoopy skeletons, amazing human costumes, adorable pet costumes, spooky pumpkins, and free candy. But the following people, whose dismal experiences with Halloween have been captured forever on the Internet, should probably just cut their losses and not bother with the holiday.

1. Putting the "kkk" in "spookkktacular."

It's clearly a spooky ghost party and…oh wait, I see it now.

2. Won't someone stand up for the poor sorority system?

It's a campus culture, not a costume.


3. Not even big people like being shoved in a gourd.

Let alone shoved in a gourd and have their picture taken.

4. But which one is the worst?

Trick question: They're 


5. Before you trick or treat…

Don't forget to pump and dump.

6. Pumpkins are just so sticky and gooey.

And then Halloween is over in what feels like a minute.

7. Are you a Pearl Girl?

Bet you aren't anymore.

8. Do not give him rocks.

The Chris Brown comeback is the Great Pumpkin of music.


9. Ah, brotherly love.

And how did you get that information, dude?


10. Neither racism or white chocolate is okay.

He seems fun.

11. Sounds like a party!

Also, in Hell they play "Monster Mash" on an infinite loop.