The most embarrassingly awkward autocorrects of June 2016.

The most embarrassingly awkward autocorrects of June 2016.

Summer is here, and with it barbecues, beach days, and other get-togethers that require long text conversations to plan. So don't be surprised if your attempt to make July 4th plans is ruined by some horribly embarrassing (but funny in hindsight) autocorrect mishap. Though you may cry at your own ruined friendships, you can always laugh at these cringeworthy examples collected by the diligent textcombers at Damn You Autocorrect.

1. I love hating mom at the movies.

2. "Meow." Cat like ta say "meow."

3. The grisliest brunch.

4. Product placement has gone too far.

5. Utilities and sex toys are extra.

6. They'd probably feel great.


7. Sounds more like an emptying station.

8. Kids grow up so fast these days.

9. Pants are the opiate of the masses.

10. Autocorrect is surprisingly racist.


11. That's not that safe.

12. Dad loves grass.

13. An excerpt from Moby Dick 2016.