Good news, internet. We've got another fun yet baffling internet puzzle for you.

Quora user Kumar Ankit recently shared the following image to the site with the question, "How many triangles are in this picture?" According to The Daily Mail, the image has since been shared thousands of times on Facebook.

Here's a hint: there's probably more triangles than you think. We'll give you a few minutes to figure it out.


How are we doing?

Doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo. (That's the Jeopardy! music. I know, it doesn't really have the same effect in writing.)

Okay, are you done counting?

Here's the answer:

There are 24 triangles in the image. (25 if you count the one in the signature.)

Another Quora user, Martin Silvertant, responded to the puzzle and provided this explanation:

How'd you do?