Internet trolls are confessing to their cruelest pranks because they still feel guilty about them.

Internet trolls are confessing to their cruelest pranks because they still feel guilty about them.

Often there's nothing more satisfying that a good ol' troll, but depending on the prank itself, it can leave trolls feeling empty and hollow inside. A Reddit thread asked, "Internet trolls, what's your worst troll that made you feel terrible afterwards?" While some people answered with real-life pranks, the thread also contained fine examples of how catfishing does not fill the hole in one's heart or make one's penis bigger.

Here are pranksters confessing their most heinous sins:

Internet trolls are confessing to their cruelest pranks because they still feel guilty about them.
The internet is your priest.

1. The poop prankster.

in high school I went on the computer in my science class, opened word, typed the word poop, and then printed a hundred copies or so. the teacher told me I was very immature and I felt a little bad. then for the next week every handout we got in class had the word poop printed on the back and I stopped feeling bad, because that was hilarious.

-PM_ME_UR_LARGE_TITS  (Note: If there's something he should feel guilty about it's that dumb username)


2. The "control-F" prankster.

Back on highschool I had a friend. Lets call him Tim. Tim and I were hanging out in the library in junior year scrambling to get our culminating assignments handed in for grade 11 english. In Canada culminating assignments are worth 15% of our grades so it was kind of a big deal.

When we finally finished he switched with me and I with him so we could proofread each others essays. After catching a few mistakes and showing him what he should fix he thanked me and gave me the go ahead to print it.

So I went ahead and did that for him. But before that happened I used the find and replace tool to replace every "and" with "penis" and every "can" with "AIDS". Luckily Tim's teacher thought it was funny and he only had to re hand it in, minus the obscenities of course.

I didn't really feel bad until I found out that Tim didn't know how to use the find and replace all tool and that he spent his next lunch replacing each word one at a time.


-MasterTrollKing (Note: Now THAT's a username)

3. The League of Legends prankster.

I regret convincing this kid on LoL that he was adopted... only to find out 2 days later.


4. The Ellen prankster.

Ex-4channer here. We started a #prayforellen hashtag. Fake. We made everything up. It was about her (Ellen Degeneres) contracting aids. Tons of people believed it, she addressed it, it was crazy.



5. The florist prankster.

Some chick started an AskReddit thread asking how to keep flowers fresh for longer because she's getting married in a week and the flowers arrived early.

I told her I was a third-generation florist and that the best method to keep flowers fresh was to put them in a one-thirds mixture of bleach, salt, and worcestershire sauce.

I then mixed in some actual advice that I googled to make the bullshit advice seem legit. That advice was to cut any leaves off that would be below the surface of the water because it can produce harmful bacteria, and to store the flowers in a room no warmer than 65 degrees because the buds will open slower and the flowers will stay fresh longer.

It was a dick move.



6. The Omegle prankster.

I used to troll on Omegle by pretending to be different people. Sometimes I was a doctor, other times I was a policeman, etc.. I tried to get everyone to know I was bullshitting by getting more and more ridiculous as time went on. but this one time...

I pretended to be a publisher and it just so happened that one of the people I talked to was an aspiring author. To be honest, the little bits they shared with me weren't actually that awful. Of course me being the shit I was though decided that I couldn't outright say that I was lying, so I decided to make up a story saying that I would be happy to talk to others about publishing the story, I just needed some time. I made a new e-mail address, gave it to them, and told them I would get back to them within a week.

So a month later I remembered about this incident and decided to just tell them that I couldn't do it. I checked the e-mail of that account and saw 3 e-mails from the person. The first one was just asking if there was any update and saying how thankful they were that I was doing this. The second one was about how they had found another publisher and would go down that route if I didn't respond. Then there was the third one..

The person told me their life story. Tbh the details are a little fuzzy, but iirc they came from a poor family and their parents were super strict about them reading and writing for whatever reason. They had to go to the public library under the guise of hanging out with friends in order to get their reading time in. When they eventually moved out of their hometown they severed all ties with their parents and were struggling to get by day to day.

At the end of that e-mail though, they told me something I will never forget. "Two can play this game".

I never trolled on Omegle again.



Internet trolls are confessing to their cruelest pranks because they still feel guilty about them.
You can never be certain you're even talking to a human.

7. The proxy prankster.

I used to use a camera proxy (Manycam) that would allow you to broadcast whatever video you wanted to as your webcam video, and I would go on chatroulette and omegle and would play different clips of girls on webcam. The videos were nothing crazy, just long clips of girls typing and looking at the computer screen. Most of the people were dudes, and when they either figured out it wasn't real, or when they eventually asked to see tits or whatever, I would play the specific scene from two girls one cup, right when the shit is coming out of the one girls asshole into the cup. It comes out with such force that the girl almost loses her grip on the cup. I also edited the clip so that sound was loud as hell. I would invite a bunch of friends over and make a night of it, it was SO FUNNY. Of course some guys would be jerking off on camera, and i would let the clip play for a a minute or two, and then play the poop clip, and watch them either suddenly freak out and grab the mouse or keyboard or just slowly stop masturbating. Sometimes, people would think it was a fake cam girl, and would ask me to wave, and I had a clip of a huge wave with a surfer on it, and put speed metal behind it. I new the jig was up, might as well go with for the laugh. I had a bunch of clever clips to play right after that, my favorite being a loop of Arnold spitting the pill out from Total Recall. One time I got a girl on the other end, and we chatted for 20 minutes, and she talked about being lonely and bored, and I commiserated with her. Then, right in the middle of her confessing her life story I played the clip from 2 girls 1 cup, and the loaded a video of another webcam girl immediately afterwards. She was shocked. She doubted her reality, having talked to someone she assumed was a girl her age, opening up to her, and then realizing that she got duped. GOOD TIMES.



8. The almost lethal prankster.

years ago, someone was hassling me for months on youtube so i created another account with a similar name to his and downloaded and reuploaded all his videos and pretended to be him. i then proceeded to isolate him from all his friends by leaving hate messeges for each and everyone of them. everyone turned on him and started calling him an attention whore.

eventually he threatened suicide and all his friends were pretty much "whatever" at that point. never heard from him again.



9. The First Last prankster.

I'm late to the party, but here it goes.

Freshman year of college, I'm enrolled in a class on Intercultural Education. First day of class, my best friend is visiting and attends class along with me. The professor says to everyone, "If you're name is not on the attendance sheet, please add yourself by hand, so that we can adjust it electronically." My friend, a very literal, playful fellow, decided to follow the professor's instructions. The next class session arrives, and surely enough he's added to the roster. I went ahead and checked his name on the attendance record.

Then about a week passes before our first quiz. I take two scantrons and fill them both out, one for him and one for myself. This escalates. Over the course of the semester, I did every homework assignment twice, every quiz twice, and every examination twice. I had another student mark my friend as present during days in which I was unable to make it to class.

Final semester projects arrive, and there's no way in hell I'm going to do two of them. So, I don't. After a couple of days, the professor addresses the class (consisting of about 75 students).

"Is First Last here today?"

The class is silent.

"That's strange. He hasn't missed a day this year. Does anyone know First Last personally?"

Still silent.

"That's strange. If anyone runs into First Last, let him know we need to speak."

The next class session my friend tells me that I need to own up to my crowning achievement, or he will tell the professor. After class, I approached the professor and the TA, admitting what I've done. Initially, he was relieved. He knew the student wasn't enrolled in the school and felt awful about the possibility that the student might falsely be under the impression he's gaining credit. Then, he said he was impressed. Then, with haste, he added, "Never do that again."

The TA's eyes turned from the physical gradebook to me, and she said: "He has a better grade than you."



10. The "too real" prankster.

I'm not an "internet troll" or anything stupid like that. However, I've said some stupid and careless things on the internet from time to time.

Once upon a time, on a website far, far away (4chan), there was a thread in which the OP was the best friend of a guy whom he accidentally blinded as a child. The basic premise was the the friend was fielding questions for the blind guy and answering some himself as well. Of course, doing something like that on 4chan, with a topic so potentially raw and emotion is just a terrible idea and so my idiocy surfaces.

I straight up asked this kid what it feels like to know that he permanently ruined a great many things in his friends life, robbed him of experiences and moments he otherwise would have had and altered his life for the negative until the day he dies. The response was unsurprisingly sad and regretful, as if I'd shaken him out of some denial he had been hiding in, pretending that whilst what he did was bad, it wasn't too bad. It was clear that saying those things had an impact on the kid and I still feel bad about it.



11. The lighter prankster.

A buddy of mine was talking to this chick where he worked at. He wasn't really the smoothest person with the ladies, kind of tongue tied. She was a cashier and he stopped in one night to say hello, I happened to be riding along with him. He was on one side of her isle talking to her, I was on the other. While she was talking and not looking my way, I grabber her Bic lighter. I took it apart and adjust the flame to every bit of a foot high. Put the lighter back together and replaced it.

Enter the part I did not really think of: She went into the bathroom later to sneak a smoke in (mid 90's people could still smoke). Apparently she was one of those smokers who would cup the lighter in her hand while covering up her cig while lighting (think lighting in the wind). She flicked that Bic and the lighter blazed up, and set her hair on fire. Her hairdo required a lot of hairspray and she went up like the Hindenburg.

The next time I saw her, she had cut her hair short and was PISSED! She starts cussing me out, and I denied that shit. DENY, DENY, DENY. I felt bad about it, but was not about to own up to it.

Even though this was not an internet troll, I still felt like an asshole.



12. The printing prankster.

Back in middle school my friends and I found a picture of our math teacher in a speedo on Facebook. We printed out hundreds of copies at home and left them in various spots around the school. He got pretty upset, never found out who it was though. I felt kinda bad because he was a good teacher, it was pretty hilarious to middle school me though.



13. The classic Catfish prankster.

Not really a troll, but I do feel bad about this. When I was in my teens I started talking with this one girl on MySpace. I don't even remember how we became friends on there, because she lived in a completely different state, but it probably had to do with the fact that we were both going through this emo/punk phase. We would talk every day and even got comfortable enough to exchange phone numbers and talked on the phone a few times.

Then we started throwing around the word love. I was a dumb teenager and though that I did have feelings for her, but really I didn't know her that well and was more infatuated with the idea of being star-crossed lovers or whatever and it was nice having someone to talk to. We would always say how great it would be if we didn't live so far away from each other.

Then one day she tells me she's coming to Chicago. At first I'm excited and we plan to meet up, but then on the day of I get second thoughts. I had barely known this girl for like a month or so and here she was hundreds of miles from her home to see me. It became much too real for me and I was freaked out. So, I stood her up. She called my phone and left a few messages but I ignored them. I ignored her until I knew she was back home. I then said sorry and slowly started pushing myself away from her.

I still feel pretty bad about that, we were just two lonely kids and she went out of her way to see me and I broke her heart.