Internet sensation 'Poop Girl' tells Someecards what it's like to go viral for hiding a turd in your purse.

Internet sensation 'Poop Girl' tells Someecards what it's like to go viral for hiding a turd in your purse.

Makela, aka Twitter user @_blotty, tweeted an epic tale of a mid-date poop crisis that made her an Internet sensation last week, but she's been tweeting strange, hilarious things for years. Someecards talked to her about how it happened. Does she feel "famous"? What's it like to go viral? Did her friends and family find out? We also asked her about several other classic tweets she's done, in a Greatest Hits montage of sorts. Follow her on Twitter for more hilarity at @_blotty.

Internet sensation 'Poop Girl' tells Someecards what it's like to go viral for hiding a turd in your purse.
There's so much more to "Poop Girl" than one night of turd-hiding.

Q: So, you met this guy at the grocery store. Which is a highly underrated place to meet people, no?
A: Yes! People thought it weird, but I met my ex boyfriend in the grocery store, actually. And my favorite neighbor.

Q: And now, this guy. He asked you out on a date?
A: He was buying candy late at night and I was buying chocolate. It seemed pretty perfect. 

Q: After the date, you go back to his place, the poop happens, won't flush, so you stash it in your purse...
A: Haha, exactly.

Q: You text your sister for advice on poo disposal, and she has a pretty good suggestion, we thought: Go pretend to smoke a cig, and throw it at a squirrel or something.
A: Yes. 


Q: That guy probably would have followed you out though, no? That's the vibe we got. 
A: That's exactly it. He was very polite, and I don't think he would've let me stand outside alone in the cold and smoke. 

Q: And you couldn't just make a run for it... 
A: People suggested just leaving, but he would've insisted on driving me home. And I couldn't imagine sitting in the car with the poop in my purse.

Q: Finally, HE gets up to use the bathroom, and after that, you try to flush the wayward poop again, this time successfully. Whew! How much time had elapsed, would you say?
A: Hmm. Two hours, maybe. 


Q: Damn, that's an eternity in poo-hiding time.
A: Yes! 

Q: You get home, tell a few dear friends on Twitter about it, they tell a few of THEIR friends, and next thing you know it's a worldwide news story! We saw articles in German, Spanish, Swedish...TMZ called it a "vomit-inducing saga" which was over the top, in our opinion. Do they puke every time they have to poop?
A: I hope not! But it might explain why they are unhappy enough to work at TMZ. 

Q: It's been nine days now. Has the dust finally settled a bit?
A: Kind of. Not really. I think in another week, it will. 


Q: You've had some pretty big tweets before. Did any of those get a reception there comparable to this? Anywhere close?
A: I've had tweets get thousands of retweets before. But having articles written about me and people asking me to be on their radio and tv shows? That's definitely a first.

Q: Your face was everywhere for a few days. Did anyone in your real life read the Poop Girl saga? Are you a hero in your hometown for it?
A: Yes, lots of people have. Most people have been pretty nice about it. It's funny, people who were really mean to me in high school are sharing it and saying we were friends. Which is weird. I never thought anyone would latch themselves onto poop fame! 


Q: Haha. That's crazy. 
A: Like, maybe if I won an Oscar or something. But who wants to be associated with poop in a purse? 

Q: Did your date find out about it? Have you talked to him since then?
A: We've been in touch, but he doesn't know.

Q: Ah, so you're playing it cool. 
A: Yeah. 

Q: Wow. Well, thanks for giving us a peek behind the scenes! We wanted to wrap up by linking to a few of your great NON-poop tweets and talk a little about each one. 
A: Heck yeah! 


Q: This was the first tweet of yours we saw, and it stole our heart. Poor lil sliced bread. We always wondered what would've happened in the next scene. Run after the bread and apologize? Or just shrug it off like "Sorry, kid, but it's the truth"?
A: Good question. I picture sliced bread running up to its room and no one noticing it heard...

Q: Aww...
A: Then it starts packing, still in tears. Throwing all of its important bread clothing into a suitcase. Very dramatic music is playing. Maybe it's raining outside...


Q: We want to give that bread a hug! 
A:  I know, right? But maybe sliced bread needs to be out on its own for a while. It's been coddled for too long.

Q: This tweet is about the time you served as a human chess piece in your mom's battle with Steven Spielberg.
A: Yes. 

Q: Our question is, did you get to meet Steve at all? We hear he's nice. For an arch nemesis. 
A: He was very polite and loves movies. 


Q: These last two tweets are possibly our favorites. You're scolding your sister in a text, but in the guise of this angry...walrus? An albino walrus? 
A: Hahaha. No, as much as I want it to be now. It's a naked mole rat. 

Q: Oh, we see it. Dang, those teeth are like tusks, though. It's such a great and silly counterpoint between the words and the images. 
A: Haha thanks.


Q: How did your sister react to this premium mole rat content? Seems like it would be pretty hard to stay mad after that.
A: It made her more mad. She was very repulsed. 

Q: And yet, when it's a poo emergency, she remains unfazed...
A: Hahaha.