It began with a post about a dog. A delightful dog that looked like William H. Macy.

Redditor Gryff42 posted the above image and it quickly went viral, obviously, because that delightful dog really looks like actor William H. Macy. But by posting the puppy, Gryff42 chose a bad (or great) time to make the front page.

Because at the very moment that thousands of people were upvoting his canine observation, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian was sitting down with Jimmy Kimmel.


As Kimmel opened up the front page of Reddit to give his audience a first hand look at the site, his eye—again, of course—got stuck on the delightful William H. Macy puppy.

Then he clicked on Gryff42's post history. "There's some filthy stuff on here," Kimmel said under his breath, as Ohanian struggled through a painful explanation of the point of Reddit (difficult to explain under even the best of circumstances).


This time, Kimmel's eye caught on a "NSFW" tag and implied that the crass post, which you can find here because we're too embarrassed to say it, was the work of Gryff42.

It wasn't, as our Reddit hero had merely commented on the post, not written it. But the damage was done.

Now, in the great cycle of internet content, Gryff42 has made the front page again. This time, it's by reflecting on his television humiliation, via Reddit's infamous Today I F*cked Up subreddit:


"I hardly ever post filthy stuff but I commented on a NSFW [post]," he wrote.

"Keep in mind they even named and showed my username — he made it look like there was a lot of filthy stuff going on in my history so this was quite embarrassing for me and I'm getting a lot of crazy messages now."

Obviously, this Redditor—anonymous to us—might not be anonymous to his friends and family. You can only hope the internet humiliation doesn't spread to his real life.


As Ohanian says in the interview, you never know if a Redditor is a random college student or a "head of state."

In this case, you have to hope it's the latter.